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Rick's Greece tours - walking stick?

Has anyone been on Rick's Greece tour. Would you recommend a walking stick.

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We went last year and I took hiking poles. I thought they were more trouble than they were worth. We were the only ones that took them on our tour. The big issue is that TSA won't let you take them as carry-on, so you have to check them. For that matter, British Air required them to be check as well. If the soles of your shoes have good traction, you should be fine.

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I also took that tour the last summer and no one on our tour had them nor did I see anyone who needed them.

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I've also been on the Greece tour and didn't think that a walking stick was necessary on that tour or any of the others I've taken. It's difficult to recommend something like that for others, as I have no information on any issues you might have with walking.

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If you're someone who is prone to tripping, falling, or stumbling on unfamiliar surfaces and you don't mind checking your luggage, take the stick along. You're spending a lot of money for your tour, if makes your trip more comfortable go for it. Whether you're the only one who brings one along shouldn't be a factor.

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It all depends on your health and physical condition. The Acropolis is a lot of uphill waking on stepping stones and rocks. Normally you can does this without a cane or walking stick. But if you have a physical disability or elderly a walking aid may come in handy. In addition there are areas below the Acropolis that are somewhat steep and if it's wet may be a problem. Saying that, as someone who is in their 60s and in good shape physically I didn't need a walking stick. The majority of Athens is not that steep and there are many areas that are flat and easy walking. However, the best way to experience Athens is by walking so if a walking stick is something you are considering it wouldn't be a hassle to take one along just in case you need it.

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My wife and I were on the Greece tour in October 2014. We had a great time. A walking stick is helpful if you have any mobility or balance issues. There is a considerable amount of climbing up and down steps, trails, and paths, not only in Athens, but throughout the tour. If you have any issues with going up and down hiking paths, it will limit where you can explore during the trip. In our case, we did not bring hiking sticks, which was a significant problem for my wife who uses "rocker-bottom" shoes. They are great on the flat, but really difficult with any up and down climibing. Luckily, I found a broom stick( just the right length) in a garbage pile in Monemevasia and she was able to use it as a walking stick for the rest of the trip. This was particularly helpful with visiting Mystras, where there is a long, continuous climb down as you visit the various churches. I'm fairly active and had no problems climbing up and down paths. However, even I found a walking stick helpful when I walked up to and walked all over the upper fortress in Napflio. In summary, the vast majority of places, you will be doing some up and down climbing. Several tour members used walking sticks and they did great, keeping up with the rest of the group.

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I took a collapsible walking stick (one) on my last two trips to Europe, carryon both ways. No issues with TSA. I strapped it on the outside of my carryon so they were sure to see it. I believe their website says that walking aids are allowed. It was useful to me in climbing stairs and rough hiking paths. You can always find inexpensive ones there.