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Rhodes versus Crete

We are planning a family vacation in the summer of 2024 with 5 adults and 3 kids under the age of 11.
We will be staying in Athens for a week, but we are trying to decide whether to visit Rhodes or Crete.
I’ve been to these places before, just not with this big of a group as my family has expanded
Does anyone have any experience staying at the all inclusive hotels? Any suggestions on which island to choose? Thank you.

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My first reaction is that those all- inclusive hotels will not offer as an authentically Greek experience as smaller local hotels and restaurants.
Rhodes and Crete are both wonderful. If you visit Crete stay on the western side in or near Chania.

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Rhodes suffered some major fires this past summer. Double check to make sure everything you want to do will be operating.

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Length of visit would be a factor for me. Crete is large.

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There are some excellent quality all inclusive hotels on Crete and Rhodes. Basically, the more you pay the better you get. Read reviews carefully as the quality ranges from cheap canteen style catering to resorts offering various a la carte options. The Ikos chain is not on Crete or Rhodes but offers great quality at a price. There’s one on Corfu as well as various other places in Greece.

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Like others, I think AI hotels may disappoint, both for amenities & other clientele attracted, and lack of authentic Cretan experience. Still, you want a place that works for your group: amenities, activities, close to beaches and sightseeing. I nominate CHANIA area: scenery, beaches, gorgeous Old Town, authentic sites, hikes food, etc. Just a few miles West of Chania (a 15-minute local bus ride) is a "hotel complex" (actually 2 buildings w apartments Golden Sand and Golden Sun). Includes cafes, pool, play areas, 200 yards from a great beach); This website sums it up - Check reviews, mainly from families - (almost all v. favorable! The few complaints date from 2015 or earlier).

If this piques your interest, I suggest you email DIRECTLY to the local owner-manager at address given at first link. Don't just fill out a form; give specifics like family make-up (i.e. 2 Grandparents /1-br unit; 2 parents & children aged 5,7, 9 need 2 br unit) Est. dates (July 7-12); ask rate options. I find this works best w family-run operations (esp. if you are polite & praise the area and what you've heard of their operation); for Greeks, the hospitality business is personal.

From my experience, visiting CHANIA And vicinity at least 5 times, I think you'd find SO much to see, do and discover.. and without being surrounded by a package-tour "hive." While a rental villa sounds wonderful, it would also be costlier than this option and require renting 2 vehicles, with a lot of coordinating for different interests & needs. Good luck in your planning!

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All inclusive can be really great, especially for children. There are some very high quality options these days, but of course these are not cheap. If you don’t drink a lot consider going full or half board instead. Then you get meals included and sometimes soft drinks or kids snacks as well.

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i f you are going for less than a week Rhodes is a smaller island and you can do many things within a small time of driving, Crete is much bigger destination, in both island syou need to have a car. Also it depends your budget you can flight between greek islands

in any case i hope you enloy our Country with your Family :)