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Rhodes public transportation; Lindos or Old Town?

How easy is it to get around the island on public transportation? Also, trying to decide between in Lindos or in Old Town; any suggestions or thoughts on which is better for a 6 day visit in June of 25?

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I'm doing research for my May, 2024, Rhodes visit, so use this information with a grain of salt. There are two bus companies on the island. Ktel operates on the East side and DES Roda on the west side. They use different bus stations in the town of Rhodes; on different sides of the New Market. The airport is on the west line and Lindos is on the east line. This website gives some information:

This website has insight into taxis from 2022:

Editted to Add - Here is some info on using the bus to Lindos:

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I just got back from our trip to Rhodes this May. We spent 5 nights in the Old Town. Unless you are into being on the beach, I would suggest the Old Town over the New Town or Lindos. Rhodes is a destination for vacationing Germans, Italians, and Brits. They fill All-Inclusive Resorts, Lindos, and the Old and New Town. Most are here for the sun and beaches.

There were lots of tourists and even more when a cruise ship was in Rhodes. I can't imagine what it's like in June. Half the Old Town is restaurants and souvenir shops. The other half is residential or crumbling buildings. We had a hotel near the wall, away from the crowds. The only drawback anywhere in Rhodes town (Old or New) is the jets fly right over town on their way to the airport. They've placed flagstones on major passages and streets in place of the small cobble stones, which aided in rolling the luggage around. After the first day, I had to wear my hiking boots, because the cobble stones hurt the balls of my feet. Sights in the Old Town, mostly of the Crusaders, were very interesting. The New Town was like any other, except for the beaches.

Lindos is a small town and its over-run with tourists during the day. It's the second most visited location in Rhodes for the narrow streets and the hilltop Acropolis. We drove there with a car and at 11am the streets were full of tourists. The line to get into the Acropolis was 200 feet long, and that was after walking the 1/4 mile up the stairs in the full sun.

We had a 6th night in the New Town when our flight out of Rhodes was cancelled due to weather (probably winds). Aegean Airlines put us up in 4-star hotel on the beach.