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Revamped itinerary 3 weeks in Greece 2 weeks in Turkey

What I know for sure is I will be flying into Athens and out of Istanbul I have five weeks in total and will be travelling in May. My tentative plan is to spend three nights in Athens then head to the islands, 3 nights Santorini, 6 nights Naxos then ?
I'm not sure which island to head to after Naxos as I would like to connect to the coast of Turkey via a ferry from one of the islands rather than return to Athens. We will be travelling for two weeks in Turkey starting at the coast and heading towards Istanbul.

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What do you mean by "the coast"?? Bodrun? Kusadasi? Marmaris (down by Rhodes) If you want specific advice. please don't just give generalities as guidance. Different parts of coast = different Greek isles = different ferry options.

If you plan to cross over to Marmaris, rhodes is a good choice... BLUE STAR FERRY 3x a week stops just before 1 AM at Santorini then sails nonstop thru the night, arr 9 AM Rhodes. Very efficient way to get over to Turkey. If u are in Naxos, u would have to return to Santorini on an early afternoon ferry & hang around Santorini for 6-8 hours. More efficient to make Naxos be yur FIRST island stop, then Santorini, THEN the wee=hours ferry to Rhodes. Look it up on Blue Star website to be sure its running 5/19.

If you plan to cross over from Samos to Kusadasi, Last May the ferry Nissos Mykonos went 3x a weeik from Mykonos to Samos, from about 8 or 9 pm to 1:30 or 2 am. That would mean you'd have to take one of the (several) ferries from Naxos to Mykonos on one of those days. It would amount to a full day of travel.

You need to do some of your own research. You can find out the typical "pattern of service" to eastern Islands by using the ferry site -- its departure slot has a calendar with a rollback feature that lets u see what sailings there were on given days of the week in May 2018 (Please Note: look for DAYS of the week, not your planned 2019 May DATES).

For how to travel once you land in turkey this site will answer your questions.

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Hi Janet,
It sounds like the best plan is your first suggestion of Santorini to Rhodes, we could spend several days i Rhodes then continue to Turkey.
In my previous question I didn't say which port I wanted to enter Turkey from because I didn't know which Greek Island I could connect to from Santorini or Naxos. I tried to figure it out but didn't think to look at the 2018 ferry schedule, I have been really struggling with that piece. Your answer was great, I will just change my room reservation dates in Santorini, I haven't booked the other rooms yet.
Thank you for your patience and knowledge 🤗
So my new plan would be:
Athens 3 days
Naxos 6 days
Santorini 3 days
Night ferry to Rhodes
Rhodes about 7 days
Ferry to Marmaris Turkey
How does that sound?

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SOunds good to me Joanne.... and as for the person who said spend whole time in Turkey that is their choice,not your expressed wish. Glad u can switch Santorini booking... a good lesson for others who save a tiny bit by booking non-changeable.

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I think your planning is coming along nicely. But 7 nights might be a bit much for Rhodes — unless you have a specific reason to stay that long. I can see a day or two for the Knights Quarter & old town, maybe a day trip to Symi and a day trip to Lindos. There may be other interesting excursions around the island that we missed, but we were there for 4 nights and ready to leave.

Especially since you now have an overnight ferry on your schedule, be sure to do your planning in terms of nights, not days.