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restaurants in Katakolon, Santorini, Piraeus, Corfu, Kotor

I will be cruising around Greece in May, starting at:

Brindisi - Italy ...
Katakolon, Santorini, Piraeus, Corfu - Greece
Kotor - Montenegro
Venice - Italy

Suggestions for restaurants in those cities? I don't want to eat cruise food 24/7. Thanks!

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I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant in Katakalon but it was near the big church and had large wooden tables outside. It isn't a very big place so maybe you can find it. The food was excellent. A stray cat waited patiently under the table and when we left he leapt on the table and ate the leftovers. I have a photo of him delicately working on a bit of fish. Cat says "Four stars".

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If you go to Santorini eat at Ammoudi Taverna. It is on the water it's quite the walk down the hill but as we did you can take a taxi back up. They were on Andrew Zimmern's Delicous Destinations and didn't disappoint. The food is fantastic. We also ended up meeting another couple and we became very good friends. We did eat as Kastro's for the sunset. What a disappointment the food was expensive and terrible. We actually had a better view of the sunset at Ammoudi. Enjoy Greece.!

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If you go to Fira, we recommend Stani. Best to have a reservation. Beautiful view, and wonderful food. Highly recommended by many contributors from this Forum.