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Restaurants in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, thoughts on Achellias Hotel

Hi Everyone, any recommendation for restuarants would be great. We will have out 5 y/o and 7 y/o with us. We do not eat any type of sea food. I'm looking for something nice with the view of the acropolis and any other suggestions for anything would be great. Also, are there any supermarkets where we can buy snacks, bread, veggies and fruits? Anyone ever stayed in the stated hotel? Do we need to bring our own towels to the beach? Anything else you can think of please let me know. oh and what beach to visit while in Athens via public transport or taxi. Our ferry leaves at 7 am, would we have issues finding a cab at early hours in the morning to get to Piraus port? We will be leaving Athens on Aug 20th headed to Mykonos. I have already booked Hellenic seaways through this forums help, which i much appreciate. Thanks!!

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To answer all your different questions make good use of Google. Reading the reviews of your hotel on sites such as or trip advisor will give you an idea of what to expect. Locating the hotel on a site such as Google maps or Google Earth and zeroing in on the area will help locate shops, and street view comes in very useful for this task. Never though of Athens in terms of beaches, but again metro and bus sites would be useful. Athens is a large city and taxis run 24/7. Your hotel should be able to arrange for a taxi to the port early in the morning.