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Restaurant recommendation in Athens

Hi everyone, I know I can read the books and look for reviews and menus but just wonder what you would recommend for a mid price/fine dining experience in Athens. It is our 40th anniversary so we would like something nice. Our two adult daughters are taking us so prob no $100 per person dinners. Looking for tasty artistic food, good service and nice atmosphere.

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Our favorite small restaurant was Manh Manh. Located conveniently south of the Acropolis. We ate there twice. Creative Greek menu and delicious. Their wine was the best we had in Greece. They have their own label. To ensure a table, make a reservation. Lovely atmosphere.

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Thanks for the info. I think we will be making a reservation at Strofi so we can get the rooftop. The other restaurants look interesting as well and may check them out on another night.

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Hi there! Put these in your list as well: Asty 68, Avli psiri restaurant, Funky Gourmet, Dinner in the Sky, Aleria. Do check for the prices because it has been some time since I visited those one... They are some of the best though! ;) Have fun!

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On our RS Greece tour, our arrival get-together meal was at God's Restaurant and our farewell dinner was at Manh Manh Prior to the start of the tour we walked by God's Restaurant and were put-off by the maitre'd out front trying to "lure" us in, but realized it was common practice and really enjoyed chatting with him (he spoke 5 languages) about how he could spot a tourist's nationality. Delicious food.

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The restaurant is Mani Mani (MANH MANH is how the name is written in all caps in Greek). Anyway, that was the farewell dinner on my RS tour last year and if I'd known how good it was, I'd have eaten there at least twice more before the tour! I don't know the name of our get-together dinner, but it was a very underwhelming experience.