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Renting a ATV / Scooter

Hi All

We want to rent a scooter / ATV on the islands, we grew up on farm so know how to drive them but don't actually have licenses for this (only car). Will this be a problem or should we get the license? How is the traffic police when it comes to tourists and lisences?


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I would not drive anywhere without a valid licence. Even if you get past the car rent office, no licence also means no insurance (invalid without licence), and a lot of expensive legal grief if the police stop you. Tourists do not get special treatment (either positive or negative).

Normally a car licence includes a scooter. Is that not so where you come from?

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Hi Chris

Thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to make sure.
In Thailand and Bali they were relaxed about that and never asked for proof. But don't want to take any changes with Europe.

In South Africa you need to actually right a test (get Learners) and then pass a formal test with each vehicle type to get the licence.

Thanks again!

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The Driving Licence groups in the EU are shown on this graphic:
This is a graphic, because otherwise they would need about 27 languages.

If you pass a test for group B (normal car), you also get group A1 (low power mopeds and scooters with speed limiters on for 45 Km/Hr), but not for group A (motorcycles).
If you pass in a car with automatic transmission, you are limited to driving cars with automatic transmission only, which is why everyone learns on a car with manual transmission.

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Late last year I read a report stating the Greek government was planning on banningATV's on the islands because of the number of deaths and injuries incurred by tourists. I suspect that was probably just a wake up call to the rental companies to get their act together. I personally noticed the number of people on ATV's riding without helmets and often without shirts. While the police presence on the islands tends to be mostly in the urban areas I suspect that wearing a helmet even in the countryside might come under some additional enforcement this season.
Just my personal opinion.

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Interestingly this topic is also under discussion on TA today.
Here is what an informed local says.
Have ATV regulations changed?
you never know with them.. i wouldn' t sweat it too much if i was to travel to greece this summer..who knows if a new regulation passes and if people wil enforce it....googling i found the only relevant statmenet of the minister about was november,so who knows how many times they will change their mind according to their interests.. any atv regulation will fit in the new highway code that the parliament hasn't voted still..
'They (atvs) are not all dangerous. There are four-wheeled vehicles with road safety standards,which can use the road network. We will have a special driving license for them , which will be determined by a ministerial decision after the bill is passed, as is the case in all European countries ".
Spirtzis said there would be a temporary provision for "cubs" under 125 cc, which have lower safety standards.''

so i get that they will devide atvs into two categories..125cc and under or over... let's wait,since their credibility is zero...
plus the fact that all news for these new regulations end in november and after the demonstration there is not even a mentioning of them shows me that the government saw the reaction and backed down....this is my guestimate after having this governement for a few years,and all governments for that matter.

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Yes, sometimes it’s possible to rent a car, ATV or scooter just by showing your passport and a current drivers license. No problem.
If you live outside the EU and get in an accident and don’t have an International Driving Permit you'll be in serious trouble with the Greek Police. Greek Law requires it and if you can't produce it you could possibly be detained until you come up with the cash to pay for any and all damages to the vehicles involved regardless of whose fault it is and whether or not the damages were pre-existing (especially if the other car belongs to a local seizing the opportunity to play the system!)
Your insurance, including what your credit card supposedly provides, will be invalidated because technically you will have been driving illegally.
And in that regard I also encourage you to take out the local insurance offered when you pick up the vehicle, as much coverage as you can get. Don't rely on the automatic insurance your credit card claims to provide you. You'll be in a foreign country and there won't be a claims adjuster handy.
Just as important: Don't take "No Problem" as a substitute for indicating on the rental acceptance form every little scratch, dent, tear, stain, crack and missing part on the vehicle, inside, outside and underneath. Take photos to back up your inspection. If the rental agent resists signing off on all that you've indicated walk away and find another agency.

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We have never had a problem renting scooters on the islands with a valid drivers license. Check your credit card for the insurance coverage they provide and you should be just fine. As long as you are not going crazy and following the laws, the police assume scooters are rented by tourists and are not a problem. Have a great time!