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Rental Car in Crete

My family of 5 will be traveling the Crete this summer for 11 days in early July. We plan on flying into Chania and touring the city for 3 days then renting a car and traveling to Elafonissi Beach and staying at Milia Mountain Resort for 2 nights and then driving to the Imbros Gorge to hike and then park our car and stay in Loutro for 2 nights, then driving to the Lasithi Plateau and staying the last 3 nights in Agios Nikolas before flying out early in the morning (830AM).

1. Which rental car places will drop the car off in downtown Chania so that we don't have to go somewhere to pick it up early before we drive to Elafonissi?
2. Would it be better to stay in Heraklion the last night before our trip and drop our rental car off at the airport?
3. How early are the rental places open at the Heraklion Airport?
3. or Would it be better to stop the rental car 1-2 days before we leave and just hire an early morning driver to go back to Heraklion? 4. Does anyone have a contact for a reliable driver?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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We are renting a car in Crete next month. We are picking up in town in Chania and dropping off at Heraklion airport. We are using Autorentals but same arrangement possible with other companies.

I would consider dropping car at airport the day before your flight. I have not yet been to Heraklion but my understanding is it is not fun to drive in.

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Beth I had to laugh at your comment. The last time we had to drive in Herklion I literally kissed the ground when we finally dropped the car off. I kid you not.

Brett we rent from AutoRentalsCrete. They can bring the car to you in Chania and drop it ff at a recognized place probably at Talos square. There is not much chance that your hotel will have parking unless it is outside the city walls.

Autorentals Crete also allows you to pick up in Chania and drop off at Heraklion either at the the ferry port or at the airport. We have done both. It is worth staying one night in Herakion Centre. Join in the evening promenade in central Heraklion and see some of the sites in the old part of town.

The drop off at the airport does not require you to do anything more than just drop it off if no one is there. We have done that several times. Just discuss what you want to do at the end of the rental with the rental agency and they can advise what you need to do,

For fun this is what you will see in Chania.

Ferry trip Libyan Sea

Crete Libyan Sea villages

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I am actually renting from same agency as stanbr-I didn't realize Crete was part of their official name. There is another company called Anna Cars that also will allow different pickup and drop offs if you want another suggestion.

Stanbr-we are staying in Archanes not Heraklion our last two nights in Crete. My husband wanted the more rural feel. We will visit Heraklion but have pretty much decided on the bus. It seems like less stress than driving-trying to avoid the feeling of needing to kiss the ground!