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Rent car on tinos island greece

Any info you can give re: renting a car om timos. Recommend a car rental Co.?

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Hi John -- We have not been to Tinos yet but we have rented cars on at least a dozen Greek islands. We never rent them in advance. Instead, we ask at our hotel and they make the arrangements with a local agency. Often the car is delivered to us at the hotel, and is also picked up at the hotel at the end of our car rental period. So it's very simple. It's been two years since we last rented (on tiny Nisyros) but it has normally cost us around $35 for a day. You absolutely must bring your International Drivers Permit (IDP) as well as your local driver's license. They may not always ask for your IDP but we were turned down once, when we didn't have one with us.

If you would like to make advance car rental arrangements, just contact your hotel and I'm sure they'd be happy to help you. We always wait til we're there, to make sure of good weather, since we usually just rent for a day or two on each island.

We are thinking of including Tinos on an island-hopping trip next spring and would appreciate if you could write a short trip report when you return, to give your thoughts about the island, and any recommendations. Have fun!