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Rent a car Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and the biggest city by population. Millions of visitors are reaching Athens every year.
Public transportation is very good and and covers large part of the city. However if you really want to explore Athens and the suburbs you need to rent a car.
In Athens you will find many international and local companies to rent a car. Here are some tips for renting successfully a car.
1) If you are visitor outside EU be sure that you have international driving permit. Law is very strict the last years and you maybe end up without car or lost your money in a case of prepayment.
2) Check the coverages. aLL cars in Greece according to the law must include third party liability insurance. Most of the companies provide in their rares CDW with excess. However be sure what coverages you have in order to avoid surprises.
3) Have a valid credit card. Most of the companies will require from you to have a credit card in t|He driver's name in order to rent oy ua car. Although there are companies like Rentour rent a car where you can rent a car without credit card it is better to have one.
4) Last but nor least parking violation in Athens can result in big fines or car plates removal. So be careful where you park your car if you don't want to spent your money and time. It is always better to use private parkings.

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