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recos for hotels w/ great wifi in Cyclades, Delphi, Athens

Hi all,

I’m planning our first trip to Greece in late April or early May 2024 (avoiding the Easter holiday). In my early planning, I’m thinking Athens, Delphi, and an island (or possibly 2 if they’re close). I’m focusing mostly on the Cyclades, though Hydra could be a possibility instead. Currently considering Paros/Antiparos, Naxos, or maybe Sifnos, but I am open to suggestions!

I know there are extensive posts with island recommendations, and I have started to dig into those – but my husband will need reliable high-speed internet for a bit of work each day, and I’m wondering if that should knock certain islands off our list right off the bat? He needs a connection speed that supports the equivalent of streaming video. I usually do contact hotels to ask about their connection speed, but I sometimes get answers that feel optimistic once we actually get there.

My questions:

Will we have an issue finding hotels with adequate high-speed internet on any of these islands?

I imagine we'll need to stay in the larger towns rather than rural areas, but I’d really appreciate any knowledge about specific hotels or areas where you’ve experienced good internet strength/speed. Similarly, if you have any recommendations for hotels in Delphi and Athens with strong internet, I’d appreciate those too!

Connectivity is always a stress factor when we travel, but it can’t be avoided so I just do my best to plan well. I really appreciate any insight this group can offer!

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All the Cyclades islands have internet at least 3G or 4G or ADSL but whatever the accommodation, the speed depends on where you will be on the island.

The Greek operator Vodafone connected some Cyclades islands this year with high-speed internet (optical fiber): Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini.

Which does not mean that in these islands you will have high speed in all accommodation, far from it.

Even if the hotel tells you that it has a good internet connection with excellent speed, this will largely depend on the number of guests simultaneously connected and what they do with the internet.

So there is no way to guarantee a minimum speed and 100% video streaming reliability, even in SD definition.