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Recommendations for flights from Orlando to Athens March 2015

We will be taking an RS tour to Greece in late March and have been researching airfares/routes from Orlando to Athens for several months. Does anyone have recommendations for best time to book for lowest fares and also suggestions on connections? We have searches set up on Skyscanner and Travelocity to watch fares but they haven't changed more than $100 r/t since August. Not sure if fares go down any in spring since it's lower season, but don't want to wait too much longer to book.

We've reviewed schedules on JetBlue, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, British Airways, Delta, American etc. We're flying from Orlando and there are no direct flights, however we'd prefer not to have to change airports in London, DCA or JFK to get to next connecting flight. Also, many of the schedules go through Amsterdam or Frankfurt with only 90 minutes between legs. Is this enough time to get through immigrations etc. without missing the last leg to Athens? I'm assuming the airline would get us on another flight if we missed our connection due to delay in arrival. Would you recommend Amsterdam over Frankfurt or vice versa? Or perhaps just stick with London or CDG, deal with airport change and on to Athens from there. Too many choices...Help!

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We have 75 min. Connection upcoming in Apr. on Delta through Amsterdam. That's not my preference, but many on this forum say it can be done. We don't go through customs, just immigration. We've never done AMS before, but poster on the forum mention that at AMS they have a dedicated line for those with a time squeeze. One thing they mention is that, like Athens airport, AMS is a single terminal. We've been through LHR and CDG, but never on connecting flight. We've connected through JFK , but with a long layover. I hope this helps.

You are going to love this tour!

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Thanks Patty. We may just have to take our chances and hope for the best. At least we have a day or two to recover before the tour starts.