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Rain question

We are in Athens and there seems to be a weather front moving in for the weekend with a fair amount of rain. I realize of course that no one has a magic crystal ball but in general does rain tend to last all day or just intermittent throughout the day? We were planning to head to nafplio but am now wondering if we should wait the weather out somewhere else

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Seriously ???? Who knows????? Rain style is not specific to a country. What does the local weather service say?

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I think I have a an idea of what OP is asking.
Will it be an all day light rain that ends up totaling half an inch or so or will it be like a 45 minute thundershower ( like Florida) that will produce the same total rainfall.

'Ask the locals' is my best answer.

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Like was said, who knows about the present weather pattern? Surely there are weather forecasts online.

I do like to check out Wikipedia for weather information anytime I'm going to an international city. They have average high temperatures, low temperatures, monthly precipitation and hours of sunshine month by month.
The info sometimes makes my decision where to go and when to go.

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The weather in Europe has been all over the place this year, so what happened in a particular place last year or the year before is irrelevant, unfortunately. It’s been 17 degrees in London this week and it’s normally 10 degrees.

November is a wet month for Greece, hence it’s low season. It gets far more rain than London on average in November, albeit it’s milder.

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Thanks to everyone who replied and were kind in their response. I knew this was a risky and potentially stupid question to post. What I was looking for was feedback from someone who had either traveled in Greece frequently or recently. I have found in traveling there are certain tendencies for example in the Pacific Northwest where I live once it starts raining it tends to be 24/7 for days whereas in the tropics it will rain hard for a short period and then stop. So....just wondering as I did not want to stop local strangers on the sidewalk?

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I really like the app Dark Sky, and it’s been pretty reliable. The notice of upcoming rain beginning soon has been very helpful, too.

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I use wunderground for weather predictions and hourly information. Spot on in Camogli, Italy when a big hail storm hit at 3:00 pm after a sunny morning on the beach. Ate an early lunch and got on the train just in time.