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Rick Steves Athens Walking Tour #15 & #16

I have been looking at R.S. Athens Audio tour map and the 2018 book Athens Walk map (slightly different map). I am having trouble understanding the directions at part #15 & #16.

I wish we could upload images. Where is this "religious building" dated 1874 that he talks about? The directions say turn left onto Theorias street. However, do they mean Prytaneiou and then take a left onto Theorias street.

Google Maps,23.728023,20.16z

CtyMaps2Go shows a different map with i think more cobblestone walk ways.

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I have not listened to the recording, but comparing Google Maps to the version in the printed guidebook, this seems to me to match up (highlights mine):

In Anafiotika … Keep following the Acropolis signs...then,

Follow the narrow walkway until you emerge from the maze of houses and hit a wider, cobbled lane. Turn right (downhill) and continue down the steep incline. When you hit a wider road (Theorias), turn left and walk toward the small, Byzantine-style Church of the Metamorphosis. (Note: To reach the Acropolis entry from here, you would continue along this road as it bends left around the hill. For now, though, let’s continue our walk.)
Just before the church, turn right and go down the steep, narrow staircase (a lane called Klepsidras, with the sign for the Athens University History Museum).

I don't see 1874 mentioned in the text. If that's on the recording, then hopefully it will make more sense on the spot. Most of the recordings are supposed to work in "real time" so you don't have to start and stop them much, unless you're taking a lot of photos or petting a cat.

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I'm not sure about the directions, but they're both on a major pedestrian thoroughfare so I doubt you'll miss it. It's a very walkable city, although can be confusing because the street signs are on the sides of buildings, up high.