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Quick meal enroute to Nafplio


We will be landing in Athens around 4 pm and plan to drive to Naflplio directly.
Any suggestions on where to stop for a quick meal on our drive from Athens airport to Nafplio?
Not looking for anything fancy, but something Greek and yummy and fast.


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We did the same. There is a souvlaki stand in a parking lot right next to (on the east side) of the Corinth canal. We stopped and ate and then walked across the little bridge and then continued on to Nafplio. Food was good and Corinth canal definitely worth a look

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Hopefully you are not on a transatlantic flight. Driving jet lagged after a flight this long is not a good idea. Even worse after a meal when you are both jet lagged and digesting.

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stanbr's query brings up an important factor when posting a thread -- we cannot give good advice unless the poster gives the bare minimum info -- WHERE Are u coming from? ? (v. different if from N America w flights up to 22+ hours vs Europe w flights of 2 -5 hrs) .. and WHEN are you coming?? 4 pm (1600 hrs) is fine in May or June... but not in October, when u may be driving in the dark at the halfway mark, on an unknown road, in a new country.