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Questions regarding greece + Italy!

Hi! This is just a rough draft of my travel plan. I will be flying from UK so I won't be concerned much about jetlag. I arrive March 25th and depart April 23rd
Week 1 Athens + Santorini
Week 2 Venice + Dolomites
Week 3 Bologna + Florence + Cinque Terre
Week 4 Naples + Amalfi Coast + (Sorrento?)
I have questions regarding Greece. Do i have to bring lots of euros before i arrive? Because many google articles just link back to their economic crisis in 2014/15. Also do they check for valid licenses if i rent an ATV in santorini? B/c a friend that recently went said they didn't check for ID of any kind. I would like to know if 3 days in Athens and another 3 days for Santorini is more than enough to spend in both cities.
I am open to any suggestions whether it's Italy or Greece. Thank you for your help!

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Damitzmehxd .. what do you envision spending your time doing in these places.. the reason I ask is.. you do realize its not beach weather yet.. and hiking up high is likely out too.
So is this going to be a holiday of sightseeing historical sights.. or more nature /beach orientated. ?

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I would err on the side of taking my valid license if I thought I would be potentially driving something. Regardless of your friends experience, something could have changed and it would be easier to have it, especially since it is not a space/weight hog.

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@pat I travel mostly for the sightseeing and i prefer walking along beaches in colder weather because its much nicer when there isn't a horde of people there.

@jenC yea i only have my learners permit but i am pretty comfortable driving around. But from what i've researched, the buses are rather infrequent and it would be much better if i could rent an atv and drive around santorini instead of waiting for buses that may never come.