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Questions about connecting flight (Aegean) to Athens in Charles de Gaulle

Arriving in CDG at 8:45 on Air France. Have a connecting flight to Athens on Aegean at 11:55. Some questions:

  • We need to go through customs upon disembarking Air France, right?
  • Do we have to go through security again to board Aegean?
  • Is the Aegean boarding area near where we'll come out?
  • Is 3 hours enough time to make that connection?

FYI, we are not checking any baggage - just have carry-ons.

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Is this a connection, or is this two separate tickets ?

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Kim, two separate tickets. One for Chicago to Paris (Air France), then a separate one for Paris to Athens (Aegean). Arrive at Gate 2E, depart at 2B

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CDG is the arrival airport in the Schengen zone, this is where you will go through immigration and passport controls.

Find out which terminal and arrival hall your flight is in.
Coming from Chicago with Air France this should be terminal 2E

From CDG to ATH Aegean flights depart from Terminal 2B.

Terminals are connected, within the public area, by walkways.
Between terminal 2E and 2B there is about a 25 minute walk
There is also a free shuttle (CDGVAL)

Here is a link to help you to get around CDG:

3H10 is enough to make that connection.
Of course your flight from Chicago should not be delayed for more than 60 minutes.

To board the Aegean flight you will need to pass the usual security checks.
Since you are coming from Paris you will arrive in the Schengen area of ​​Athens airport, so you will no longer have immigration or passport controls.

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In both CDG and ATH airports you'll pass customs after the baggage claim area before you enter the public arriving hall.
If you have nothing to declare, you will not need to stop at customs controls.