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Question for Janet concerning trekking poles

I have had bilateral knee replacements and have a set of poles I use for beach walking, but on European trips generally take only one. Do you find in Greece that it is easier to use two for all the stairs? Thank you very much.


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Wow, you are a sturdy one! I just have a bit of achy arthritis. I took along just one, and then on some sloping stair-step lanes, particularly in Sifnos, I wished I'd had the other one! Mine fortunately are VERY fold-able ( lightweight but STRONG aluminum tubes w bungee-cord inside, so folds like a "w" down to a mere 12") and one will even fit into my sportsac day-bag. I hope yours are as collapsible. I had a bigger heavier one that consequently, I never use. I got my 2 on Amazon for $27 each EarthTrekGear Shorter Version Pole (expands 38.5 - 42.5"). Ideal for ordinary size women.. can be short as a cane or much longer.

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Hi Janet,
Thank you so much for your quick reply. I think I will take both with me just in case. They are not as collapsible as yours, but they do fit into the bottom of my duffle. They have an anti shock thing inside so that is why they don't fold up. They are nonetheless very light, only 8.5 oz each.
Thanks again for your help.

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GLad to help. ANother thing u notice is that, even on the level, the sticks really help u move along and feel less fatigue. I've had a fatigue syndrome this year (usually I'm the Energizer Bunny) so was really glad to have my trekking stick. 2 even better.

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Did you have any difficulties taking on board the plane in your carryon?

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I was not allowed to take trekking poles through TSA checkpoint in my carryon and was forced to check them last summer. I think this ends up being at the discretion of the inspector, although they are technically not allowed.

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I had no issues, because I put them in my checked bag. Most people on this website come from North America so get 1 free checked bag... why not take advantage?? Only reason would be a VERY tight connection to Aegean Air upon arrival & I avoid that.

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TSA does not allow trekking poles but does allow mobility aids such as canes if they don't have points.

Trekking & Hiking Poles – These can only be packed in checked baggage.

Mobility Disabilities, Aids & Devices


Walkers, crutches, canes or other mobility aids and devices must
undergo X-ray screening. A TSA officer will inspect the item if it
cannot fit through the X-ray. Notify the TSA officer if you need to be
immediately reunited with the device after it is screened by X-ray.

Yup, take advantage of the one free checked bag for most airline to pack your trekking poles. If your checked bag misses a tight connection, the blessing in disguise is having the bag transported to your hotel. Disadvantage is having to wait for all the checked baggage to appear than having to go to the luggage service desk.