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Question about sea jet ferries

I'm taking four ferries in July: Santorini to Folegandros, Folegandros to Milos, Milos to Sifnos, and Sifnos back to Santorini. I booked on line tickets on sea jets for all those trips. Wasn't much choice, sea jets seemed to be the only option for those routes.

I know there is no deck seating on those ferries but as you are coming into and going out of port can you get to a place where you can be outside and see the harbors/towns as you arrive? Any suggestions as to how best to do this.

As I've been searching the forums I see nothing but terrible reviews of sea jets ferries - bumpy rides, everyone getting sick, etc. Most of the ferries I've taken in Greece have been the large Blue Star ferries which were wonderful. Once I took a hydrofoil from Piraeus to Aegina, it was boring but no one was getting sick.

So really, how bad are the sea jets ferries? (I seem to have no choice but to take them, but would like to know what to expect).

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It's the SeaJet2, SuperJet and the Sifnos Jet that are small enough to be problematic if the seas are rough. The Champion Jet, Terra Jet and Mega Jet are very large and won't be an issue.

The only way to see the ports as you pass through them on these ferries is if you have a window seat or can locate a window that you can access by leaving your seat.

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Thanks for the replies.

The first two routes there was only seajets on the days I want to travel and on the other two trips the times were much worse for the larger ferries. However, I guess worse case is if the sea jets don't run I can take the larger ferry the following day. It would screw up the hotel reservations but what other choice do I have?

Since those larger ferries hold over 1000 passengers can I safely assume I could get on them without advance booking? (I'm traveling the mid to late July).