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Purchasing airfare assistance needed

Hi everyone. Need your expertise.
Visiting Greece for the first time And trying to figure out flights for our trip at the of end April. Reading the posts on here with fabulous info but I need some extra help. Planning on going from USA to Athens to Náxos on arrival to Greece leaving usa 18 April 2019 (heading back to USA 29 April). When buying airfare from USA to Greece do we buy one way from USA to Athens then round trip from Athens to Náxos ? Or do we get one-way from USA to Náxos on 18 April? The one way from Náxos to Athens. Then another one way from Athens to USA? Husband and I can’t seem to agree.
Many thanks in advance

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You want to book one round trip open jaw or multicity (you have to select multicity when you search) ticket. USA to Naxos and then Athens to USA.

You will pay or lose a lot of money not unless your flight is booked with Norwegian Airlines if try to book any kind of one way transatlantic flight.

Edit: You will probably be better off just buying a round trip to Athens (stay a night ) and then a separate roundtrip to Naxos from there. There are no flights from Milwaukee to Naxos on the date you want; there are only two to Naxos a day

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Too bad your trip is not after 5/3/2019, as American will be flying direct to Athens from O'Hare Airport.

Your best bet would be to fly Norwegian Air Shuttle out of O'Hare to London Gatwick. From there you'd fly EasyJet to Athens. To get to Naxos you would have to fly Olympic Air or on Sky Express.
Greece and their wonderful islands are often not the easiest places to get to from North America.

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Buy a USA round-trip to Athens... and do your domestic flight separately. It gets too complicated to try to fly from a European city to an island or to try to do it all on one multi-airline ticket. Please.

... also see my other post. If you cannot do that day-trip from Naxos to Santorini ... you will have to fly from ATH airport to Santorini, stay overnight, then do a ferry to NAXOS.

It is not involved to change in Athens. It is all one airport... International is at one end, domestic at the other. 2 hours is ample time to deplane, go thru passport line, pick up baggage at carousel, hit an ATM for some Euros, check in at Aegean/Olympic counter & give them your bag (Get the "flex" ticket that allows 1 checked bag) and STILL have time for a cup of coffee before you go thru Aegean security.