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Pre-Paid Phones for Greece

I've been going to Greece for a number of years and have never used a cell phone there. In fact, I don't even have one back in the US! I know I'm behind the times but I'm a Luddite!

Anyway there have been a few times while in Greece a cell phone would have come in handy so I'm considering a pay as you go phone while in Greece.

I don't need anything fancy or expensive just something that I can call in Greece.

Any suggestions or what to buy or where and low cost?

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I'm the same. I don't use a mobile phone at home, only a land line, but I do keep one in my car for emergencies. QVC has Tracfone offerings that are very cheap, as little as $23, and you can roll over any minutes you don't use when it's time to renew every year, but understand that Tracfone doesn't provide service in Europe. I only mentioned it to tell you that you're not alone! You can buy an inexpensive mobile phone in Greece that includes a 'Cosmote' SIM card from a Germanos store, which are everywhere in Greece. They will activate it for you and you can add more time on it as needed. Expect to pay around €50. You can also buy an unlocked quadband mobile phone here in the States and just buy the SIM once you get to Greece. I've been doing this for years. These phones are very cheap if you buy one from EBAY.

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T-Mobile has free international texting. You can get the bare bones plan on a cheap phone here and then you can just use it to text while in Greece, connect to wi-fi in cafes and hotels, and if you want, you can add international calls for $15 a month while on your trip.