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Pre-booking Museums and sites in Athens?

We will be in Athens for two days, 20-21 July 2024. Do we need to book tickets in advance for the Acropolis, Acropolis museum, Parthenon? Should we arrange a guided tour of anything? What else would you recommend for us in two days? There will be three of us, I will be travelling with my two teenaged children (M16, F14)

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We were just there last year, late June, and we didn't pre-book any of those, and had no trouble getting in, or even waiting in line. I've never heard that it is possible to do so. FYI, Parthenon is not a separate ticket, its just part of the Acropolis.

For a tour, we did a pretty good walking tour; it was either Athens Walks, or Athens Walking Tours, or a name something like that. Sorry I can't remember the name. I would take a tour as they get priority entrance to the Acropolis.

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I would look into prebooking if available for the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis, probably on some combo ticket (Parthenon not separate, and you can do little else than look at it while on the Acropolis). The reason would be just due to the massive crowds Athens is starting to see in the summer.

The National Archeological Museum is well worth a visit, but advance tickets not required, can't think of any other sights that require advanced booking.

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The official website for booking tickets is:

For the Acropolis Museum which is privately managed, it is this website:

Since September 2023, and due to the crowds many sites are now subject to reservation dates and times, particularly the Acropolis.

Regarding the Acropolis You will have to be there 30 minutes before the time and date you have chosen.

The €30 combo ticket which was supposed to no longer be available is still purchasable to date.

Also note that due to heat waves in summer the sites may be closed during the hottest hours without notice

If you are looking for an organized tour, please note that only licensed guides are authorized to enter the sites with you.
Be wary of some promising tour offers that won't even get you into the sites

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We are currently in Athens. I got caught a little today. Rick steves book recommended visiting the Parthenon late in the day so I followed that and he said we could buy the combo ticket at ancient agora. I turned off my phone so only use it with WiFi at the hotel. We arrived at ancient Agora only to find we could not buy combo tickets there now. The only place to buy them is at the Parthenon. Rick Steve’s gives good directions how to buy them online in advance. The only reason I didn’t was because I wasn’t sure what time we wanted to go to the Parthenon and you have to submit it. It is worth buying in advance. We went at 5 pm since it was recommended to go late to avoid crowds. That was interesting as we had a bit of a wait in line and there were a lot of people there. Maybe it was unusual as there were a few school groups there . If doing it again I would go early in the morning such as right when they open! They also charged 10E to go to ancient Agora and I have already spent 30 E in those two sites and won’t go to all the extra sites that could be used with the combo ticket

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To be more specific about what time you need to be at the Acropolis if you purchase tickets in advance, your ticket is valid 15 minutes before your entry hour up to 15 minutes after your entry hour. So if you book an entry for 9AM-10AM you can enter between 8:45-10:15. You do not necessarily have to be in line 30 minutes before, that is just to give you a buffer in case there are long lines.

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A little warning. They now charge more if you are a US citizen. We went to the acropolis museum today. I didn’t prebook because it was 18E to book online and the advertised cost at the door was 10 E then when we got to the ticket booth they asked my nationality and I told them US. It cost me 15E ! We paid 10e at ancient angora and advertised price at the door was 8e again they asked for my citizenship. I am not sure why but the agent at the counter did apologize and said we had to pay more! British citizens also pay more. I find that quite interesting. Lines at the acropolis museum were not as bad as the parthenon

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We went to the acropolis museum today. I didn’t prebook because it was
18E to book online

At the Acropolis Museum the full price entry ticket is €15 from April 1 to October 31 and €10 during winter. Same price if you book online.

If you saw 18€ it must be on a third party website which charges more than the official sites.

Visitors entitled to a reduced admission fee are:

  • Persons from NON-EU countries between 6 and 25 years

  • Senior citizens over 65 from EU member-states

Are entitled to free admission:

  • EU citizens up to the age of 25
  • Children up to the age of 5, from non-EU countries

We paid 10e at ancient angora and advertised price at the door was 8e

I guess there is confusion between the Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora. The ticket price for the Roman is 8€ while it's 10€ for the Ancient.