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Planning a trip to greece this spring break Mar 25- 9, what would the weather be like ?

I am hoping would be a atleast a little warm, would we able to get in the ocean or would that be too cold too ? Would we be in winter jackets the whole time or would we able to wear summer clothes ?Unfortunately summmer wouldnt work for us this time so we had to plan during this break.

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THanks for your input .What kind of clothes would I be packing ? Am hoping for more summer clothes w light jackets and jeans .Would that be possible ? Or should I plan for winter clothing ?

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21300 posts has day-by-day historical weather statistics for Athens and I assume also for other key Greek destinations. Unfortunately, the data isn't as comprehensive as for the other European spots I've checked, but it should be a good guide for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that coastal locations can be very breezy, so if the temperature drops, you may feel the cold more. In addition, you need to consider what it will feel like after the sun goes down. I've never been to Greece in March, so I can't offer personal guidance.

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I have not been but judging by the averages you should go with light jacket hoodie wind breaker water resistant and just layer under neath as needed with a sweater or long sleeve undershirt or thermal in the evenings

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I’m always in Greece, generally Athens, in the middle of March. This year i’ll be there 16th to 25th and plan to take hat, gloves and heavy coat. Although it can be sunny and warm at lunchtime it still gets cold in the evenings. Your best bet is layers.

It’s unlikely you’ll want to go in the sea unless you’re a keen swimmer. My partner has swum in Crete in early April - and in Nafplio at Christmas! - but she also swims in the English Channel which is cold all the year round.

Late March is good for walking though, and the sites are less busy.


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Last year, I was in Greece 3/22-4/7 for an RS tour. It was warmer than I had hoped. It was in the 70's during the day, which I think is too hot for walking around. I had been hoping for the 60's. I had packed a spring jacket, a polar tech vest, long sleeved blouse and short and long-sleeved tee shirts. So all could be layered. I never needed more than two layers, and mostly didn't need that much, but my vest was added often to the first layer as it provided a couple of extra pockets. That being said, it would have been a cold dip in the sea, I assume. But then I'm thinking New England Atlantic in the spring, not maybe not. Certainly doable, however. In the evenings, sometimes I'd replace the vest with my spring jacket as it did cool off a bit, but I don't recall it ever being cold. I can't imagine why you would need a winter jacket. That being said, I did notice that older Greeks, particularly women, were all dressed in heavy wools, but then they are used to incredible heat in the summer, I guess. So if you are from Florida, I'm probably not someone to whom you should be listening... You will need a hat with a brim as the sun seemed to be very bright there.

PS, There are two scrapbooks from last year for this exact time of year, so take a peek and see what people are wearing.

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Unless you are very hardy, nowhere in mainland Europe is going to have warm sea in March. If you want decent weather in March, Greece generally wouldn’t be a country that I would consider, but southern Spain and Portugal would be.

For much warmer seas and a better chance of good weather, I head to the Canary Islands at that time of year.