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Planning a trip to Greece in June


I have trip planned to Athens and crete in June. We will be staying a few days in Athens and a week in crete. My question to the forum has to do with santorini. We are thinking about cutting a day out of crete and spending a night in santorini and then flying from santorini to Athens to home the next day. Is this too ambitious? Is santorini really a must see island? Thank you.

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Yes, it's a must-see island, but in the end it depends on what you want to see. Since your time is very limited all you'll get is a quick look around at best. The views from the cliff are spectacular, no question. If you'd be satisfied with a room with a view for the day, strolling around the village where you're staying and having a nice meal that night and breakfast on your balcony the next morning then yes, go for it. But if you either can't afford the rooms available in June that offer the view or prefer to stay at the beach I think you might be frustrated by the short time you'd have. Save it for another trip and stay longer so you can really get into the rhythm of the island and see more of what it has to offer. Also take into account the expense of getting to a hotel on Santorini from Crete. The ferry ticket is at least €56 per person, and then a taxi to your hotel will cost a minimum of €25. That's another $190 USD, not to mention the cost of your room. You'll be arriving around Noon so a significant portion of that day will be gone when you factor in the time it takes to get to your hotel, check in and get situated.

If you do decide to go I recommend you stay in Oia, the most beautiful and romantic village on the island. If you have the budget arrange a private tour that will start with a personal driver picking you up at the ferry port and end up at your hotel after driving you around to show you the island.

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Just a thought, unless your flight from Crete back to Athens is part of a common ticket back to the US, there is some risk in taking a budget flight from Crete to Athens, then catching a separately booked flight back to the US (Delays, cancellations, weather...) the same day.

You might consider splitting your time in Athens so that some is at the end of the trip, getting you there the day before your trip home. Not to mention, many flights to the US from Athens leave earlier in the morning.

As for Santorini, certainly something to see, if you are not planning on ever getting back, then maybe worth the cost and time. I would not feel bad about only spending a night, I did, saw many of the things I wanted, could have done more or could go back, but I wanted to see the view and Akrotiri, enjoyed a couple meals and I was fine.

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I see on the RS Greece Tour site that the average temperature in Athens in June is 83*F. Do you have a RS Greece Guide Book yet?
If so great. If not I would suggest you get one ASAP to help in your planning. We are going to Greece the end of May and found that guide book most helpful in our planning. You can purchase one, if needed, elsewhere on this web site. Happy travels and keep cool.