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Plane conection in Athens, concerned with connection times

I am looking at a flight with Aegean Air from Istanbul to Mykonos. For May 10, 2016 the flight leaves Istanbul @ 16:00 and arrives in Athens @ 17:25 then departs Athens @ 18:30 and arrives Mykonos 19:05. Even though this is a flight offered by Aegean I am concerned with the 1hour 5 minute connection time in Athens. Has anyone done this flight and had any problems with this? Thanks for any feedback.

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I have not done that specific connection but the Athens airport is pretty small and I don't think you would have a problem unless the Istanbul flight is delayed. In that case, since it's the last flight of the day, you'd have to spend the night in Athens and hope Aegean has seats on its flights to Mykonos the next day.

You'll probably be fine ... but there's a slight risk, which only you can decide if it's worth taking.

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You say that this is "a flight with Aegean Air". By this, do you mean that Aegean is offering a 2part flight?? That is, the ticket covers both legs of the journey?? If that is the case, Aegean, not YOU, have the responsibility to see that you make the connection By (1)getting the Istanbul flight in to ATH on time AND (2) making sure that the Mykonos plane does not close boarding before you reach their gate... AND (3) if necessary, alerting the Mykonos plane to a "hold" to make sure you get on. If you can get an Aegean person on phone, (or an e-mail chat, or personal e-mail), I would suggest getting reassurance on that score. Even with the reassurance BTW, for that close connection I would advise traveling light & using carry-on.

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Yes Janet, this is a two part flight. However what about Greece customs. Do we not have to go through customs in Athens?

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Leslie, you have plenty of time to work out all the details, but if you have to go through Customs and Passport Control in Athens 65 minutes won't be enough time. Book the next flight after the 18:30 one. As has been suggested, contact Aegean Airlines for advice and assistance. Better still, call their customer service number in Athens. 011 30 210 6261000

You can also see what their USA Office has to say but for me the 'last word' would be the Office in Athens: 1-855-323-4326

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Speaking in only general terms, unless Aegean has some type of prescreening or Immigration function in Istanbul, you will arrive as an International Passenger and have to go through immigration in Athens. Customs is usually a non-event if you have nothing to declare, unless the recent refugee issues prompt additional checks.

Still, as someone mentioned, the airline has some obligation (more by regulation in the EU than here in the States) to get you where you are going, as others said, call and find out what will happen if you do not make the connection.