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Places to sleep near Airport

We are traveling to Greece in June 2020 with our family of 5, my husband and I and our 3 boys 24, 21, and 18. Our flight back home from Athens leaves at 6am. We need advice on a good place to sleep the night before our flight that we can leave about 3 am and take a shuttle or our rental car to the airport. There is a lovely, but expensive hotel right across the street from the airport, but we would have to get 3 rooms because they only let a maximum of 2 adults and a child to a room. 2 rooms would ideal, with my husband and I in one room and our 3 adult boys in the other. I would even consider an airbnb type place if we decide to drop off our rental that morning instead of the day before. We haven't been to Greece for 20 years, so we're not familiar with the new airport and rental car policies.

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There is a nice hotel about 15 minutes from the airport. It is called Peris Hotel. They provide a free shuttle to and from the airport however I am pretty sure they have a surcharge for a 3am shuttle. We have stayed there several times either for a late arrival or early departure. It is in a village but in the outskirts so it appears to be in a remote location but its actually not. Last September our room was 80 euros. I am not sure if they have a room for 3 though. Its worth e mailing them and ask.

A much more attractive hotel would be Avra Hotel. It also provides a free shuttle to and from the airport. Avra is in the port town of Rafina so if you are getting into Athens in the afternoon before the flight next morning this is a nice place to stay because you can have dinner at the town square and the beach is right in front of the hotel. It is about 120 euros for a room. Not sure if they have a triple.

There is also a Holiday Inn about 5 kilometers from the airport lso with a shuttle service. I have never stayed there so have no comment.

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We ended up booking a 2 bedroom Airbnb condo 10 minutes from the airport, $88 for one night. The owner drives people to and from the airport for half the price of a taxi and at any time of day or night. So we will drop off our rental car the day before we fly out and sleep and get a ride from our Airbnb host at 4am.