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Piraeus to Athens airport transportation

Can anyone give good advice/information about the best way to get from Piraeus port to Athens airport? I know there is an express bus, but I'm not sure where to find the bus at the port. Is a taxi a better option? We have limited time to get to the airport. Which would be quicker? Thanks for any help.

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You'll find the airport express bus stop near the metro stop in plain sight of the ferries. The bus takes about 75 minutes unless you're travelling during rush hour. Then it can take up to 2 hours. A taxi is also slowed down by the traffic but should be a bit faster. The Metro is fastest but you have to take the Green Line into Athens to the Monastiraki Metro Station to catch the Blue line to the airport. That will take about 75 minutes with Monastiraki transfer time included.

X96 Bus: €5 per person
Taxi: €35, or €50 between midnight and 6am
Metro: About €10 per person when you include the fare into Athens. It operates between 5:30am and 11:45pm.

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When you say "limited time" what does that mean?? 1 hour? 2? Lee's excellent directions and advise work if you are arriving via a standard Ferry. If instead you are arriving on a Cruise ship there are 2 factors (1) it probably will take you longer to disembark and (2) the "cruise port" is about a mile from the Metro station. This map shows Bus station at E 5 and Metro is just across street from it ):
... in that case, if u take metro, u'd have to taxi from cruise ship to the station.

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Thanks Lee, good information. By "limited time" I mean we are arriving in Piraeus about 8:45 and need to catch a flight at noon, so we just wanted the quickest, easiest way to the airport. Thanks for all advice.

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