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Phone number for TrainOSE to cancel tix

Hi, we have had to cancel our trip to Greece at the end of the month. I purchased train tickets through the TrainOSE website, but I don't see a phone number listed to contact them to cancel the tickets if I'm not in-country. Does anyone know of a phone number to use to contact them?

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Again, I'm looking for the number that I can use from outside of Greece. It looks like the 14511 number is meant to be used from within the country.

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14511 - That looks like a special number, i.e. one only accessible from within Greece.
It does say later:

Customer feedback
You may call +30 213 0121121 (08.30- 13.30 Monday to Friday)

You could try calling that number and asking them for the full international number for the Customer Service Centre

Note: "+" means whatever code is necessary to call international numbers from where you are. the 30 is the country code for Greece.
"08.30- 13.30 Monday to Friday" is of course Greek time.

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I tried the complaint number during their open hours, but the message is in Greek (even with an option to press '0' for English that didn't work), and it disconnects at the end of the message. But here's what did work for me. I filled out the complaint form on the website (note that the captcha does not validate when using Safari as the browser), and explained the situation, requesting a cancelation. I received a response in less than an hour with a refund. Also, the email that I received was from, if that can be helpful to anyone else.