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Phone as gps in remote areas

Hi there,
We leave to Greece in a few days and I plan to turn on international roaming with Sprint/T-Mobile when I get there but I am wondering how well it will or will not work while in Greece—especially on one of the more remote islands that is not usually visited by tourists. The only reason I care so much is that I will be using my phone as a GPS to help me drive to places that may be hard to find without it.

I’ve read that some people have gotten SIM cards but I have no idea how that really works or where to get one.

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You might want to name the island for those not following your previous threads. I would obtain a paper map as a backup. I use Tmobile, and we drove all over the Peloponnese (plus previous driving trips in Italy), and there were times that the service dropped. It also would have driven me straight through an olive orchard, so it is not fool proof!

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Google Maps allows you to download map data into the memory of your phone if you will be in an area with limited coverage:

For location your phone can use satellite GPS signals, if there are no cell towers around.

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Hey valadelphia was that route through the olive grove near mystras/Sparti. Last time we were there our GPS took us trough an olive grove, gravel road. We looked at each other and said lets try it. It took right to the highway out of town. Sometimes you just have to have faith in the technology.

We did find that the GPS did have a tendency to cut out occasionally, so the suggestion that it is necessary to have a paper map is good advice.

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lol stan, that time was in Italy, but I think it pays to have a healthy skepticism about phone navigation! It works for me about 90% of the time, but sometimes it has just drifted right off the map at inopportune times. I would hate to get off somewhere really off the beaten track and have only that to rely on.

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As an alternative to Google Maps, you can also use the "Here Wego" application, which also allows you to download maps of predefined areas.

I use it often in the Greek islands.
It is sometimes more efficient than Google Maps (it does not use the same cartographic data) and it has the same possibilities of voice guidance, recording of points of interest, etc.

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Incredibly helpful. Thank you! The island I am speaking of is Ikaria