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Petrol in Greece

My wife and I are taking a 19 day trip to (1st trip to) Greece in September. We are using the RS 15 day Athens and the PPP itinerary as a template. Question, we're renting a car at Athens airport to make the tour. I've heard much about getting Euros, but I've not heard much about getting fuel in some to the locations we'll be visiting while travelling in the PPP. From looking at Google (street view) Maps, it looks like we should be good through Olympia, but I'm not so sure what to expect between Olympia and Gytheio and then later while travelling from Monemvasia to Nafplio (I hope to take the road down to Leonidio and travel up the coastline to Nafplio.

Any info would be helpful to know prior to setting out. TIA.

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That's good to know. Abbreviations can be a real pain.

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We did an extensive tour by car in the Pelopenesian Penn. a few years ago. We had one close call re fuel on our way to Delphi when driving without a GPS we took a wrong turn due to construction and ended up going Kms out of our way and the gas tank getting lower and lower with no gas stations or towns nearby. Eventually we decided to double back and found the correct route.
My advice would be not to let your gas tank gauge fall below 1/2 full and you should have no worries.

Exploring the Pelopenese was fantastic.

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Just did it in March. There are lots of gas stations along the way.

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I saw a lot of gas stations in June with prices about the same as elsewhere in Europe. Be sure you have a good GPS and map and be prepared for a lot of narrow, steep roads with lots of switchbacks.

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Been away from the site.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I did not think that we would have much problem, just wanted to confirm that gas in the hinterlands would still be available.

From out Italy trip 2 years ago, I learned to be on the lookout for stations when I got down to ~1/2 a tank. Thanks again for the useful information.