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Peloponnese + Delphi Itinerary Help

Hello everyone!

I have been pouring over the Peloponnese portion of our itinerary and was hoping to get some feedback.

Currently I have:

Saturday October 7th: Flight back to Athens from Santorini, we plan on taking an early flight out of Santorini and to get on the road by 10AM at the latest (we are renting a car). We plan on driving to Delphi, seeing the sites and spending the night there
Sunday: Leave Delphi and drive to Nafpilo, stop at Ancient Corinth on the way, sleep in Nafpilo
Monday: See Edidavros and Mycenae, sleep in Nafpilo
Tuesday: See Nafpilo, sleep in Nafpilo
Wednesday: Leave Nafpilo and head to Mystras, sleep in Monemvasia
Thursday: Explore Monemvasia, leave around 4pm to drive back to Athens, sleep in Athens
Friday - Monday: See Athens, fly out at noon

Does this make sense and seem sensible? I don't want to feel rushed or constantly on the go to the point where we don't get to enjoy the sites.

Also, any hotel or car rental help is appreciated. We will both be getting the international drivers licenses so we can both drive. I have read a couple threads that say Jeeps are fun, but not sure if that is the best idea. For Nafpilo we were looking at Hotel Marianna and for Monemvasia we were looking at the traditional Malvasia Hotel.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Pretty good itinerary. It is packed but not excessive. You might be most crunched with Delphi. It's 3 hours from Athens and you have an early morning flight so you might be pretty tired when getting to Delphi. You might need to see the site or museum in the morning (check the opening times). But should still be able to drive to Nafplio later that day (you may need to sacrifice Corinth).

Epidavros and Myceanae are each about 45 minutes from Nafplio and in opposite directions - so you might choose to break those up on separate days.

Mystras is an awesome site.

Normally I would recommend staying Galixidi, not Delphi but with such a tight schedule there, it'd be best just to say in town. People here recommend Hotel Pan.

I've stayed at Hotel Marianna and loved it. Easy parking too.

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Thank you!

I am hoping after coming off a few relaxing days in Santorini that the longer travel day from Athens to Delphi will be okay.

I am going to take your advice and try to book at Pan.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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Reasonable, though I would trim at least one night off of Athens. If I read it right, you've got four nights there.

I'd rather spend the night in Mystras and slow it down. More time in Mystras and more time in Monemvasia in exchange for the fourth night in Athens.

My philosophy has always been to reach your most distant point early and then make your way back more slowly. In your case this is Monemvasia, though, frankly, the geography in Greece makes these long convoluted drives necessary and your route is as concise as it gets. I don't know what you'd cut out of this other than a night in Athens.

I mean, I could suggest lots of amazing places to visit that could shorten your drives some but that would be at the expense of Delphi and if you're determined to visit Delphi, you have to do it. Just know the drives are scenic and easy.