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Paris to Athens

Looking for advice from those who have flown into Athens from Paris.

We are planning on spending the last two weeks of May 2018 in Greece and have started looking at flights. I know it's probably way too early but I've found a direct flight from LAX-CDG for under $550 for our dates. Seems like a pretty good fare, it's on Norwegian. I'm inclined to book this, then figure out getting to Athens from Paris further down the line. Good idea, bad idea, anyone done it this way? Also, what airlines should in be looking at for the Athens leg if we go this route?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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A word of warning: CDG is a nightmare, or at least it can be. Make sure you have plenty of time to collect your bags, clear Passport Control and Customs before you make your way to the departure terminal gate for Athens. Give yourselves at least 2 hours for this.

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Also, anyone know if there is a direct flight from CDG to Santorini? Santorini will be our first location and would love to cut out the initial Athens stop.

Thanks again!

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Airlines flying Paris to Athens:

  • Aegean Airlines (Paris–Charles de Gaulle)
  • Air France (Paris–Charles de Gaulle)
  • ASL Airlines France (Paris–Charles de Gaulle)
  • easyJet (Paris-Orly)
  • Transavia France (Paris-Orly)

This info comes from:

But, it is not recommended to fly into an airport, and immediately fly out again ON A DIFFERENT TICKET. You would need to check in again in Paris for your second flight.
If the first flight is late, or you have delays in immigration, or the flight is re-timed, you have no comeback, and your second flight is lost, no compensation.
If you do this, take the opportunity to have 1-2 nights in Paris.

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What? LAX to CDG for $500...fantastic! I would take it in an instant. LAX to CDG I flew that route once. That was in Aug. 1977 with Air France.

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It's an awesome price, but you'd be safest to sleep over in Paris in each direction. The return ticket Paris-LAX would especially be an expensive one to replace. The only direct flight I've seen between Santorini and elsewhere in Europe is to/from Rome.

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Checking it appears Paris to Santorini is at least 1 stop route--- some days of the week, its a 2 stop routing ( no 1 stops available). You would need to search for your specific dates to see your choices..

Agree with Laura, plan to spend a night in Paris each way.

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We always use the low cost carriers to get around Europe ! We have flown Easyjet , Ryanair , Air Ageon , Vueling and Tuifly ( as well as Aer Lingus and Berliner air . Daughter took Transavia last year no problem .

I think you can find flights direct from Paris to santorini , but perhaps not until June , you'll have to look .
We flew London to Mykonos las summer direct on Easyjet .

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Thanks all for the replies. Seems that it may be better just to pay the extra money to get to Athens and not risk missing a connection. Don't really like the idea of having to stay ($$) overnight in Paris just to make connection.

Thanks again!

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On our way over we are taking a flight into Athens to start our Greece trip. On our way back home, it was a lot cheaper to take a regional Aegean flight from Athens to Brussels, then take our Delta flight from there. We are staying a night over in Brussels to be on the safe side in case there are any delays with the Aegean flight. You might experiment with different options like that for your return leg.