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One month in mailand and greece islands

Hi,.i would like to have advise about an itinerary in Greece combinate mainland and islands.
I- 1 -Athenes, arrival at 05h20 am, rent car to Arachova ,Delphes ,Demitsana

2- 3-4 Pelion

5-6 Méteora


8-9 Zagoria

10-11-12 Parga


14 -Lefkada

15-Patras -Demitsana



18 Athens airoport, drop off the car continuation to Rafina and Syros

18-19-20 Syros


25--26-27 Astypalea



30 Return to home

Thank you in advance

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I recommend that you include Napflion, near Mycenae and Epidavros, for several days.

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Will you be dealing with any time change or jet lag upon your Athens arrival? The Pelion peninsula is some serious driving. You should do that when you are well rested and acclimated.

Enjoy your trip!

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Thank you for your replies and your recommendations.
I need also your opinion about:

- the structure of the itinerary ,
- the distribution of the days and the duration
of the stay for each place to visit.

  • Should i devote more time to certain places or islands more than others.

-Should i miss some places to spend more
time in the others.

Are the selected islands a good choice (syros,Amorgos and astypalea ?)

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Looks like an exciting trip. The islands portion looks good from a time standpoint although I've never visited any of those particular places. The first part of your trip has you doing a lot of driving and hotel changes. I would be tempted to scale back both the distance and number of hotel changes. I planned a 13 night trip we were booked to take near the end of May (now postponed to September) covering primarily the Peloponnese with only 4 hotels - plus the last night in Athens. You could book the first week or so of your driving trip and then plan the rest as you go depending on how you feel/what you learn. Enjoy!

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it is an excellent idea.
But thus option will only be possible outside the high season when it is not necessary to book hotels in advance.
 The best time is either June or September.
But in September, the pelion and the country of zagoria could be a little rainy I think, but it is the best time for the islands.

I have an excellent memory of Magne, (kardamyli ** ,Limeni ** ,Areopoli ** monemvassia** and nafplio** .You will enjoy your trip in this region.

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Walking on Amorgos is amazing and there are good swimming places. Amorgos is one of the last of the Greek Islands that still retains a lot of Greek tradition with some of the best villages, sea-side towns, archeological/historic sites and some of the best tavernas serving real Greek Food.


Astypalea is a delight. Beautiful people, deep blue sea, great food... loved every single hour that I spent there!
IMO, Astypalea needs a car. There are many beaches that are worth-seeing and the bus service is very limited.

I would recommend you rent a car greece and drive for the indpendence and flexibility it gives you. It's never too early to plan a trip to Greece!

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Hi jamessilos
Thank you for the beautiful description that you made for the two islands. You really give me the curiosity to visit them as soon as possible. I especially retained the authenticity of the life,the people and the places.I always
hesitated between them and between. karpathos combined with Creete or Lesbos combined with lemnos and somathrace xhich also seems beautiful islands, perhaps among the islands which you consider as the last islands which still attract the Greeks.

Could you please advise how many days are necessary to visit each one of them without getting bored , as i am not a fan of swimming. However i much appreciate having lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea with seafood specialty which is a real regal.It is the same feling when it will possible to have a drink at sunset time when the sun ends up caressing the horizon to go for sleeping.

what is in your opinion the most charming place to stay in amorgos (chora, aegiali or katapola?) and the same for Astypalea?.
Thank you in advance