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One month in authentic Greek place for old people.

We are dreaming of renting an Airbnb in a charming authentic Greek place central to good restaurants, nice views and friendly locals, not necessarily by the beach.
We want to spend one month or more, submerge in Greek culture, rent a car to visit surrounding areas or use public transport. We are two couples in their 70’s and this is our first trip to Greece. We want a place that is quiet but at the same time not far from the market to buy groceries and the cafés to enjoy and mix with the crowd. Is this possible?

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You'll have to do your own research before you get more answers.
Read guidebooks, look at maps, surf the internet.
Avoid letting yourself be influenced by beautiful photos or videos and being manipulated by tourist marketing which is very effective for Greece

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities of authentic places with markets, public transport, restaurants, grocery stores, things to do, places to visit, etc.

You didn't specify what time of year. Spring, fall, summer?

In what kind of environment. mountain, sea, countryside?

Close to a big city, an airport, a train station?

Rather with archaeological sites, religious sites, or beaches, or all three ?

During this month or more, do you want to change location and accommodation, if so, how long do you want to stay in one particular accommodation? How many kilometers maximum to travel between two accommodations?
And by what means of transport?
(note that above 70 years old some car rental companies charge an additional fee)

Are you still physically able to hike?

Do you prefer organized excursions & trips or solo?

Therefore if you have 100 answers, you have a good chance of getting 100 different advices about places to go.

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We’re a couple in our late sixties / early seventies and are currently spending three weeks in Andros, the most northern of the Cyclades. It might fit the bill for you. Chora, the capital, has a smallish tourist trade but is pretty much a local town. It’s small enough that people quickly recognise you - the local baker knew my bread order on the third morning - but has enough going on with locals coming and going.

We probably get a bit more attention because we speak reasonable Greek but a lot of Greeks speak English and are happy to chat in that. There are several really pretty villages around the island and Chora itself has a museum and a couple of art galleries. (A very rich shipping dynasty is from here and endows things.)

One word of caution: the main town itself is fairly flat but there are steep steps down each side.

I’ve no idea what the Airbnb situation is. We always take the same apartment.

See what you think.


PS you don’t mention a time of year. I’m assuming it’s not winter when more will be closed.

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Both responders are experienced visitors to Greece as am I .. and I'm a retiree as well. I have plenty of suggestions but won't offer until I hear what time of year you want to go. I will say that -- based on my experience and those of dozens of other "Greece Vets" on this forum -- from standpoint of weather/prices/crowds(fewer), the best times are from May 1- Mid-June, and Sept 1 - Oct 15.

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JoLui, At this point I’m open to environments and any other specifics. Thanks for the car rental warning, moving by bus or train is fine, I’ll look for short organized excursions, 2 of us can hike but the other two will only go out for short walks. During our stay of 6 weeks, 3 accommodations separated by a ferry, car, bus or train ride, no longer than half a day ride.

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Alan that’s great info, thank you so much. I love that lots of Greeks speak English and that you always take the same Apartment. Would you mind giving me the contact for your apartment since we are going at a different time?

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Should I worry about what is happening between Turkey and Greece?

Greeks and Turks have been quarreling non-stop for several centuries. If you start worrying about these things because you've seen or read something recently, you'll never be able to get out of your house. :))

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We rented a house in a village on Crete for several weeks. We found it through a local travel agency in Chania, and everything was perfect. We had a car which was necessary and it gave us the chance to explore western Crete.