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Olive, Olive Oil, Feta Cheese, Wine, and Ouzo tasting - where to do these?

I hope to go traveling in Greece later this year. I saw in the tour book that the Greece tour includes several different tastings. I have the RS Greece book as well but did not see information for these tastings. I would like to have information as to where and who to contact in order to do Olive, Olive Oil, Feta Cheese (one I saw on TV), Wine, and Ouzo tasting. Thank you for your help!!

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The wine and ouzo tasting that the tour does is at the Karonis Wine Shop in Nafplio (p. 251). If you'll be in Olympia, see also the local guide listing for Niki Vlachou (p.277). I'm sure you'll run into other tasting options in touristed areas and don't forget the local market, which even with a limited selection will usually stock several types of feta and olives.

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The year we took the RS Greece tour, the "formal" olive oil tasting was at a shop in Kardamilyi and I'm pretty sure it's listed in the guide book. We did find that lots of smaller shops in some of the villages (Lagadia) offered you tastes of their olive oil. Since we don't speak Greek, and they didn't speak English, it was all done with smiles and signs, but it was such fun. They also shared samples of honey. The most well-known of the Greek wines come from Nemea and there are wineries in that region. But, we did our wine and ouzo tasting in Napflio.