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Olive Grove Tastings/Tours in Late March??

I am looking for an olive-tasting/tour in Late March. We will be taking a 3-day driving tour from Athens to Nafplio to Delphi and back to Athens. I have only found one company that offers tours this time of year along this route. I am wondering if I am missing something. The company that does offer tours is Markellos near Corinth.

Has anyone experienced an Olive tasting in one of these areas that they can recommend?


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Wonder if it’s because the olive harvest takes place around October? A lot of producers send their crops to a co-operative processing facility for pressing, blending and sale, keeping back only a small stock of oil for personal use.

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You will pass by many olive groves when driving to Nafplion and Delphi. Perhaps you could stop at one of them?

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I can definitely recommend Markelos Olive Oil tasting!! You can also combine with wine tasting. Nemea is the biggest wine country in Greece.

A great itinerary could be:

Day One: Athens - Nafplio with a stop at Ancient Corinth + Mycenae + wine tasting in Nemea or alternatively sunset sailing cruise in Nafplio (stay in Nafplio)
Day Two: Nafplio - Delfi with a stop to Markellos Olive + Ancient Epidaurus and heading to Delfi (stay in Delfi or Arachova)
Day three: Visit Delfi archeological site/ museum, then head to Thermopylae Hot Springs and battle landmark and make your way to Athens

All sites and stops are on your way, no detours.

Hope it helps.

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Nick - Thanks for the information. Excellent!

What are your thoughts on tweaking your itinerary like this?

Day One: Athens - Nafplio with a stop at Ancient Corinth + Markellos Olive + Mycenae then onto Nafplio by late afternoon.
Day Two: Nafplio (spend the morning in Old Town) + wine tasting in Nemea + Delphi (Drive along the west coast of the Gulf of Corinth) + onto Delphi (Stay in Delphi)
Day Three: Explore the main sites in Delphi + if time take the route through Thermopylae onto Athens - where we are staying at an airport hotel as we leave Greece the next day :-(

Do you have a favorite winery in Nemea?

What would be a must-do/see in Nafplio since we have limited time in the quaint town?

Again - appreciate all of your advice - very grateful!

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I like your suggestions, yes! Day one is great and can work by all means.

Bear in mind that after wine tasting in day two, you will have a good 3 hours driving to Delfi so you have to decide who is not joining ;-) If I understand correct, you are going to rent a car, so you need to plan carefully the wine tasting session (this is why I put in the first day, so you arrive in Nafplio and can rest afterwards).

Day three is OK too. Driving from Delfi to Thermopylae and then Athens is a good 5-6 hours including the stop to Thermopylae. There is a really nice information center there plus Leonidas statue AND the hot springs (not to be missed while there if you want my personal opinion). If you wake up in Delfi and start early, you will be done in 3 hours max. So, think about Thermopylae or not.

Must do in Nafplio is make it to Palamidi fortress and check the city from above (either walking up the 800+ stairs or simply get a taxi) try gelato in the town and if you have time, sail in the gulf. You can also walk around Akronafplia. Also, try to check the bullet on the wall in Agios Spyridon church where the first governor of Greece was assassinated. Strolling around the old town in the evening is lovely, it is a vibrant place. Nafplio is also famous for the worry beads museum and market (or komboloi in Greek).

Lots of wineries in Nemea, as I mentioned, it's the biggest wine country. My top picks are: Giannikos Winery, Domaine Skouras & Semeli Estate. But any winery in the area will not dissapoint you.

Great itinerary though, I love it! Well spent 3 days in Peloponnese and Delfi.

Enjoy Greece!