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October 2023 Greece Trip with 15 year old daughter. Ideas???

Hey All:

Recently, our daughters have wanted us parents to plan individual trips with each of them going separately with one of us. My oldest daughter would like me to take her to Greece on our scheduled window of mid-October 2023. She is into history, architecture, culture and beaches. She does realize that this will not be a beach trip but it would be nice to have a nice afternoon by the sea if weather allows.

We will have only 7 full days in country so I would like to keep thing close to Athens.

Days 1&2: Athens
Days 3&4: Nafplio by rental car
Days 5&6: Delphi
Day 7: Return Athens before flight.

Any suggested changes to destinations and times at each would be greatly appreciated. I originally wanted to see Meteora and include this in a driving loop but this would require too much transit time.

In the alternative, one friend suggested simply going to Crete and spending the whole time there. This has not even been on my radar so opinions on this idea as a general concept would be helpful.



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I think it's a bit too much in the time you have.

I haven't been to Delphi but from all accounts it's spectacular.

Having said that I would split my time between Athens & Nafplio.

Athens deserves a minimum of 2 days with three better.

Nafplio is one of Greece's loveliest towns and a perfect base to explore nearly World Class Archeological and Historic Sites.

Nafplio's Old Town is indeed classic Old World and the New Town isn't bad either with some lovely "Greek" neighborhoods that don't get the tourist crowds.

There's more than enough to do in and around Nafplio for days. If your daughter wants history and architecture then Nafplio and nearby areas is it!

Here's the best web site for Nafplio and you will be amazed at how much there is to do in the area:

It would eliminate having to drive all the way to the Delphi site which could take several hours (possibly up to 4) from Nafplio.

Save Delphi for another trip.

Are you planning to return to Athens on the same day your flight leaves? If so you may want to consider saving Athens for the end of your trip just in case there are any delays to your same day flight.

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Is it possible to add a day or two to the plan. It takes at least a day to recover from jet lag so whatever your do that first day will be a blur.
We have rented a car from Athens airport on arrival and driven to Nafplio. I would never do that again. We had to stop 3 times for coffee boosters to stay awake.

Last time we were in Greece we used a transfer service called City cab. They will drive you where you want to go. Will meet you at the airport with English speaking drivers. They apparently have a service where they will drive you and your rental rental car to Nafplio. Maybe something to consider.

I totally agree with the previous posters. Do Athens last. Getting over jet lag in Nafplio is much better than Athens.
Also agree Delphi will be a stretch in such a short time.

One thing you might want to think about is, on the way back to Athens stop at Ancient Nemia. It had sister games with Olympia and the stadium is still there. Nearby is a partially restored temple and a great small museum. Also stop in Corinth. You can visit Ancient Corinth ( Biblical time frame) and right next door is Acrocorinth Fortress. It has 360 degree views over the countyside. Cesar spent time there during Roman times.
For fun here are some images.

Corinth Area.

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Thanks everyone!

I think we will follow the consensus here and drop Delphi for now as my wife and I want to do a separate trip ourselves to include Delphi and Meteora. It seems Delphi may be better as a part of a central Greece loop.

We will rent the car at the Airport with the recommended company and head straight to Nafplio. I am usually fine with jet lag as I can usually sleep on the flight over. The way back is always a different matter.

I think three nights in Nafplio may allow enough time for the usual day trips and hopefully a beach/kayak day as well.

After dropping the rental car off, we should head into Athens to see the ruins museums and local street life. Possibly four nights there unless there would be an interesting overnight between Nafplio or Athens?

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There is a town beach in Nafplio which is quite pleasant, although rocky (so bring water shoes). We had lunch there which got us use of beach chairs. We went in the afternoon after touring.

Nemea was a big hit of my kids which were somewhat older than your daughter.

And they loved the fortress in Nafplio. We climbed all the steps (999) and an entire morning there.

Personally, I would do 4 nights Nafplio and 3 Athens, especially if you want to do something like kayaking as well. That is what we did and we didn't go kayaking, although we visited different beaches each afternoon after sightseeing in the morning (it was in high 90s when we were there).

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I would definitely give Athens 3 days. Since your daughter is interested in history and archeology, you must schedule a day at the Nat’l Archaeological Museum.. It is huge; and its collection, stunning. The Acropolis and its museum are also must-sees. There are the many historic sites in that vicinity and specialized small museums. The Museum of Cycladic Art is smaller and less well known, but it has wonderful examples of very early creations.