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NYTimes Article About Greece's Financial Woes

There is a great article in The New York Times (May 20, 2015) about Greece's financial problems.

The article explains that although life in Athens seems prosperous that does not tell the whole story:

Only someone who lives in Greece can look at that busy restaurant and tell you that a souvlaki and soda costs only $5; that the college graduate sits outside for hours because he is unemployed and has no future; that the elderly man sitting with him lost his pension and has been nursing that same beer all day. A few minutes from the tourist center of the city, the streets are desolate, the stores boarded up; farther out, much of Athens is grim and poor.

I am going on a RS Tour to Greece in October and this article really shed light on current events and I thought others might want to read it as well.

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Thank you for posting this. Fascinating and very interesting article.