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November in Fira ...few stairs hotel?

Hello fellow travelers
We are 75 yr olds going to add 2 nites in Santorini Nov 12 to 14. I need your help finding a hotel (4 star or 5 star) in Fira which has the least stairs!! (I know...i know...!)
We would be fine staying actually in town and not on cliff but trying to get information is tricky
Any suggestions?

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A taxi can bring you right to the door of the Atlantis Hotel on the cliff overlooking the caldera. And nearby is the Hotel Thireas with only a few easy steps.

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Are you aware of the hilly terrain? It's not just your hotel. Both Oia and Fira are hilly, you'll need to go up and down a lot of stairs and inclines to sightsee and to eat.

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"Both Oia and Fira are hilly, you'll need to go up and down a lot of stairs and inclines to sightsee and to eat....." Fira yes, but Oia, No. Most of what is of interest to visitors to Oia, including lots of shops and restaurants, are either right on the long, flat and almost step-free pedestrian-only pathway that follows along the clifftop from one end of the heart of the village to the other, or it is within easy view.

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I agree with Lee that Hotel Atlantis is ideal .... Try to get one of the rooms with a balcony view of the Caldera... this may be possible in November. Atlantis is one of the more venerable hotels on Santorini, and while not flashy, has a stately quality. It's right next to the Cathedral. I remember recommending it to a couple in their 70s; the wife couldn't manage stairs of more than about 6 steps, and the husband couldn't lift anything heavy & thus wanted a staff that could carry luggage. On their return they wrote me a delighted report. It seems they were on their balcony, and there was a wedding in the cathedral which spilled out into a celebration in the courtyard... a member of the wedding party saw them looking on, and beckoned them to come join the fun, which they happily did. They also had a good experience driving around the island, and I believe Atlantis also has room I believe for a few rental cars by the hotel, unusual in Fira. I see the ever-helpful Lee has already given you key info about Car Rentals.

To continue stair-avoidance strategies: In November, the sun will be setting VERY early -- about 5:15, time for a little drinkie while watching... and the Atlantis lobby has caldera-view seating right by its little bar. Then for dinner, you can choose any restaurant doesn't involve steps DOWN the cliffside or UP to a terrace -- and the hotel desk will know the best choices open in November.