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I put a comment in on your trip report, but it doesn't show up on this thread... learn something every day! To find, it, I clicked on Travel Forum, and there's a category called Trip Reports --- with THOUSANDS of Reports. Problem is, they are reports for EVERYWHERE in EUrope, and not sorted by country, so If one wanted to find TexMom's wonderful report on NOrthern Greece, a few months from now, it would be buried deep under reports about France GErmany Norway etc. So -- if you think you may just possibly want to know about a N Greece trip in Future -- bookmark it NOW!!

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Janet, you can also do a Google search, such as:

Rick Steves Trip Reports Greece

Add in any other keywords you can recall to increase the likelihood of finding the one you're after.

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Janet, I agree it is really hard to find trip reports! So I thought adding a post under the country with the link might help make it more findable in the future. 🤷🏻‍♀️