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Non-Nafplio base in the Peloponnese

Hey all,

I know Nafplio is the place where the vast majority of folks visiting the major sights in the eastern Peloponnese recommend staying there. However, with our 4-5 nights (we're still deciding) at the end of September I want to fully consider my options and was wondering what advice folks here had. We want to see the usual sights in this area but also would like to have a bit of beach time too, and because I'll be spoiled having come from my Island paradise of Agistri, I'm very tempted by these smaller, seemingly less touristy villages: Vivari, Kiveri, Paralio Astros - especially since they seem to have affordable apartments, many with private or semi-private stone beach access (I don't require sand - for me it's about water clarity/color and easy access!)

We'll have a rental car and I know there are great beaches we can drive to, but there's something nice about a morning swim, or a late-afternoon beach time after a day of sightseeing, or just spending a full day right by where you're staying (weather cooperating, of course).

Also happy to take recommendations for any other villages that make a decent base in the area with at least a couple decent restaurants. We will be coming from Piraeus, either renting a car there and driving or taking a ferry to a Peloponnese port and picking up a car there (there seem to be a couple options in the area).

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you are asking VERY late to hope for an in-demand accommodation like this! I have several I can recommend around NAfplio, for people who think ahead. My favorite less-known beach location is around ASSINE -- the beach is also known as KASTRAKI ... it's about a mile beyond the over-busy "package-holiday" beach of Tolo, whichis dominated by UK holiday-hotels crammed together.... but Kastraki is almost unknown... I've visited it in early JUne, and it's perfect... this is a great place - ... but probably h as been booked since Springt for September. Here's another ... 200 yards off the same beach -

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you are asking VERY late to hope for an in-demand accommodation like this!

One of the reasons I'm asking is that there's loads of well-reviewed lovely flats available in these areas which look more appealing than the hotels in Napfilio to me. I've come across a few expensive hotels/resorts that are booked up, but there's still tons of attractive accommodation. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into it!

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An alternative might by Ermioni right on the water. It's on the Argolis Peninsula but on the far east of it. It may be a bit further from the sites but could work.

Another option Astros also on the water:

Something further south and very Greek is the village of Gythio in the Mani:

The best guide for the Peloponnese is the Cadogan Guide filled with more info than any other guide. It's last publication was 2008 but is still very relevant.

A good way to find accommodations that may be more "Greek" is to use Airbnb which offers more "home type" atmosphere than hotels.

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I stayed in Kiveri four years ago. I had a pleasant time there, and an Airbnb right above the sea, but it lacks a centre I think. I’ve also stayed in Paralia Astra, but not for about ten years, but that had more of a centre and more life even then. On the other hand there was less accommodation right on the seafront.


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We stayed in Nafplio for 3 nights in September 2022. We used 1 day as a relaxation day and went to Tolo Beach, about 20 minutes South of town. It was very nice. Looked like there were lots of places to stay and plenty of restaurants. You can definitely hit the sites from there.