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Thanks Alan for sharing this excellent article. Fond memories of visiting the area in Sept. 2017. I saw the restaurant in Limeni where we enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch. I just forwarded the article to friends who traveled with us. Wish we were there now!

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Thanks! My mouth and eyes are wishing for tastes. Added the link to my "future places" file.

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I loved visiting the Peloponnese - I'm saving this article. When we can travel again, this might be a great place to start.

Thank you Alan!

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I was scheduled to fly to Greece on Sept. 30 and spend 10 days in the southern Peloponnese. Unfortunately Covid-19 has turned my trip into a major disappointment.

This article only adds to the disappointment.

However, I am planning on a 2021 trip IF someone can come up with a safe and effective vaccine and hopefully the EU will allow Americans into the EU countries.

The Peloponnese is one of Greece's best destination with more than enough areas to go to that doesn't get the over-the-top tourism of the Big Name Islands.

I'll just have to bide my time and hope for the best.

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You’re welcome folks.

We’ve been to the Peloponnese a lot over the years. Nafplio is a particular favourite, but Monemvasia and Mystra are also brilliant.

We were planning to be in Greece for 10 days from Monday but, like so many people, all plans are on hold at the moment.

Here’s hoping we can all be back soon.


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Great article and very helpful with my re-plan. Was to go April 2020 for four weeks, but..................
Now planning for mid/April to mid/May and keeping fingers crossed.
Thank you for posting!

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That is awesome. A lot of travellers are actually going to Peloponnese, i wasn't so sure why but you get people from all over the world wanting to go there especially here in Italy ; got friends and family wanting to go there- i guess it's also because it is easy and has great places to go to by car. Thanks for the Article maybe i will re-consider about going to Corfu in 2021!