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New Rules for Acropolis Tickets

Saw this in another thread so reposting for greater visibility:

Time slots for Acropolis tickets are now RESTRICTIVE - meaning that your ticket is valid for the time of the reservation only. Previously the ticket was valid for the whole day.

From 15th June 2023, the compulsory selection of a visit zone in the Acropolis Archaeological Site for the purchase of tickets online will be implemented.
Visitors can enter the Acropolis Archaeological Site strictly at the time they selected when they issued their ticket, according to the terms and conditions of use of the e-ticket.
Visitors to the Archaeological Site are kindly requested to be at the site 30 minutes before the zone they have chosen, for the best possible service.


As I understand it this only applies to the Acropolis and not adjacent sites like the Agora, Theatre of Dionysus etc

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thank you both for this posting! We are going to be in Athens July 11-14 on our way to Lake Plastiria for a baptism. This is very helpful in our planning. brenda from NH

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What if you have an Acropolis combo-ticket? Do you still need a time to visit because we have already set up a tour with a private guide.


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What if you have an Acropolis combo-ticket?

Here is the answer to the same question that was asked a few days ago in another forum:

"Combined tickets do not have time slot restrictions implemented yet. You are therefore able to visit the Acropolis while your ticket is valid at the time of your preference".

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