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need reality check on 8 days in Peloponnese

Does this sound manageable?
Day 1 - morning flight Crete to Athens, rent car & drive to Dimitsana & overnight
Day 2 - short hike Lousios Gorge/monasteries; drive to Ancient Messene & overnight
Day 3 - explore Messene site & museum & then drive to Limeni & overnight
Day 4 - drive/explore Mani, overnight Limeni
Day 5 - drive to & see Mystras & then drive to & stay in Nafplio
Days 6, 7, 8 - see Nafplio & nearby ancient sites
Day 9 - early drive to Athens, drop off car & catch 11:45am flight to USA

(We have already spent time in Athens & Delphi)
Where would people recommend we stay in the Dimitsana/Stemnitsa/area?
Also, we need hotel recommendations for near Messene & in Limeni. We are also open to an alternative to Limeni.
Does our routing make sense?
Thanks very much.

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I typically move very slowly and urge others to slow down a bit, but I don't see anything too problematic in this. 1) Provided you really do get up early for day 2 and only do a short hike--the drive from there to Messene was a little hairy, though we were going in the opposite direction (and its always possible we took a wrong route). At least the hardest part will be the early part.
I stayed in Zatouna near Dimitsana at the lovely Archontiko Anyfanti--great breakfast and the biggest room I've had anywhere, ever. George is a gem.
I'd be nervous about day 9, but as long as you're an early riser, only a major highway accident would derail you.
Day 3, you could try to see Messene quickly in early morning and stop at Mytras en route to Limeni. I could never swing it, but an early-rising person might be able to.

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As far as where to stay in Limeni, check out Vasilios Apartments and also Limeni Village Hotel. You’ll love Limeni!

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I would be nervous about Day 9. You probably need to be at the airport 3 hours before your departure, so that's 8:45am. The drive from Nafplio to Athens airport is 2 hours but first you have to return your car. So you should probably leave Nafplio around 6AM? Just to give you a cushion.

Is day 9 a Sunday by any chance? Last May we flew home from Athens on a Sunday. Athens has a bike marathon once a month on a Sunday. This meant the streets were closed off by 9AM. We took a taxi to the airport and we had to leave Athens very early. I realize you will be coming from Nafplio and not Athens. But the airport was a nightmare because everyone leaving Athens that day (unless it was at night) had to be at the airport early regardless of what time their flight was. It was crazy crowded and very chaotic. Just thought I should mention this to you.

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I'm another one that likes to take my time and try not to do to much in the amount of time I have.

I spent 13 days in the Peloponnese last October split between Nafplio (3 days), Gythio (5 days) and Petilidi (5 days)

One thing I found out was that it takes far more time driving around in the Peloponnese than I had thought.

Due to the terrain (mountains) it's slow going. Navigation system is a must. I used Google Maps. Still ended up driving way more than I wanted to.

The Mani is a wild and mountains area filled with wonders. One day there won't allow you much to time to fully soak in what it's all about.

If you had more time you could spend more days in one place rather than moving just about every day.

I also agree that getting to the airport the same day you are flying can be risky. Lots of "what ifs" can happen especially traffic, strikes, weather, etch.

If possible get back to Athens the night before.

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OK, I've taken your advice and decided to spend 4 days/nights in Nafplio and 3 days/nights in Limeni, and see Messene and Mystras en route. We are skipping Dimitsana/Lousios Gorge and will spend our final night at Peri's Hotel near the airport.
Thanks so much for the good advice.

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Your route is better than when you first posted. I've come to believe less is more. Now we like to travel more slowly and get to know an area.We are in the Peloponnese now. Driving and other things take more time than you expect. And there is the unexpected.

This morning we checked out of Valisios Apartment Hotel in Limini after 4 nights but wish we had more. We loved the area.There is much to see and do from there. So you will only scratch the surface . I highly recommend this hotel . Really nice people, really good breakfast with different local and home made items each day. The rooms are rustic ,not fancy but clean and in good condition. Nice views from most. Can be found on

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It's always best to deal directly with a accommodations owner if possible.

You may get a better deal and more than likely better customer service rather than booking through a third party.

Vasilios Hotel has their own website.

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We are booked with Marianna Pension in Nafplio and and Valisios in Limeni, and always use owners' websites to make reservations.

Thanks again for the help.

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Glad you were able to book directly with Vasilios. I like to do that with small family run places especially. I tried but there must have been an issue then with their website. So I went to Booking. Despite that they treated us warmly and even gave us our choice of 2 rooms. Loved staying there.