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Need logistical help with getting from the Dubrovnik/Montenegro area to Corfu

We are planning a trip to Croatia, Montenegro, Corfu, Istanbul and Crete in May 2025. I have run into a snag on the best way to get from Croatia/Montenegro to Corfu. Does anyone have information on what the easiest way to navigate this would be? I had originally planned to go from Montenegro to Corfu and then ferry to Athens to fly to Istanbul so really didn't want to go to Athens twice if possible. Maybe I need to change the order of the places we are going to?? Thanks in advance for your help:)

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My husband is Croatian and his best friend Greek. So many summers we were with our families trying to get together. Nope, never happened. I had read a while ago that they were going to start Direct flights between the two countries but i haven’t found any yet.

There are Direct flights to Istanbul but they are from Zagreb. I’ll be interested to read if anyone else knows more.

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That looks very challenging. Flights to Corfu run mainly from sun-deprived northern European cities. There's a chart of non-stop destinations in the Wikipedia entry for Corfu International Airport.

There's a ferry to Corfu from Sarande in Albania, but it may be too seasonal to work for a May trip. I assume the Igoumenitsa ferry is year-round, but I haven't checked. In any case, Igoumenitsa isn't easy to get to from southern Croatia or Montenegro. Perhaps you can develop a burning desire to see Albania? (I'm going to spend a few weeks there this year.) I'm sure you could find a car-and-driver deal to get yourselves to Igoumenitsa with a few stops along the way in Albania.

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Perhaps you can develop a burning desire to see Albania?

This made me laugh. However Albania (except Podgorica) is well worth it.

Barbara mentioned Zagreb - you can fly from there to Corfu. You can fly on certain days in May @ 6 hrs with 1 stop, but not cheap. You might need to go to Montenegro first, then Croatia, winding up in Zagreb.

Would you consider hiring a driver, with a one night stop along the way? It would be more scenic.

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Thanks everyone for your help on this:) We are on a tight budget and will be visiting Croatia, Montenegro, Athens, Istanbul and a few Greek Islands so I guess I was being a bit greedy wanting to include Corfu, LOL! Hopefully we will go back to Italy one of these days and just take the ferry from Bari.

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There is no ferry from Corfu to Athens so there is no point in making plans with this option.