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Nea Moni monastery

How far is time wise from Hios/Chios town? How much time is recommended to spend here? Does anyone know if there is an admission charge and how much? If a choice has to be made between the Mastic Villages or the Nea Moni Monastery- which one? And why?

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It's less than 10 miles, maybe a 20-minute drive.

I think there was a minimal admission charge, maybe 2-3 euros.

I have much experience on Chios and am happy to elaborate if you need more info.

I don't know how much time you have. Are you just trying to fill one day on the island? If so, as the biggest con man in history would say, "Sad!"

Chios would be great for four or more days, in which case you would want to visit Mesta, Pyrgi, Olympi, (three of the Mastic Villages) Volissos, and the Church of Agia Gala. There are many great beaches, too, Emporios on the southern tip of the island and Limnia (near Volissos, where we spent four nights a couple summers ago).

I just hope you're not allowing one day for any island. They're all so great and it's best to slow down and adopt a more island pace of life.

I'd be happy to put you in touch with my brethren on the island who are volunteering to assist the thousands of stranded refugees of Middle East wars, too. You can visit Chios and never even see a refugee, but they are there and they are suffering.

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Unfortunately I am going on cruise so I will only be there for the day (@ 8 hrs if I'm lucky), but I'm looking at this as an exploratory trip. Most the guide books give this a page or two and even the Internet did have much. I believe this a replacement stop for one of Turkish one that usually do.