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Naxos to Santorini- Please confirm what I think I already know

My husband and I are on the RS Greece tour from 9/22 to 10/5. On 10/5 we are traveling to Naxos via Oympic Air (have reservations). We are staying in Naxos three nights and then traveling to Santorini for two nights (non refundable hotel) before returning to Athens via Aegaen Air (have reservations). We will each have a carryon size roller and a personal item. Maybe an extra smallish bag for souvenirs, Lol. I am a planner so my questions are:
1. We wish to take the Blue Star ferry from Naxos to Santorini on 10/8. There is only one Blue Star ferry that day leaving Naxos at 12:55pm. Should there be any issues if I wait to purchase the ferry tickets until our arrival in Naxos?
2. I have not booked transportation from the Santorini port to our Firostefani hotel (Stefani Suites). I've looked at the bus and Hoppa options. Should the buses be very busy at the new port in the beginning of October and is the transfer in Fira a big issue or would you advise booking a transfer through Hoppa or an alternative transfer service?
3. We will be leaving Santorini on 10/10 on a flight leaving at 21:15. We plan to check out of the hotel at noon and leave our bags there while enjoying our last afternoon in Santorini. Would you suggest taking a taxi to the airport or an alternative transfer service?
Thanks so much! I've learned so much from all of you who post on this forum. We are now heading on our fifth trip to Europe and fourth RS tour!

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We arrived on Santorini by ferry, had precarranged transportation and it was still a total zoo. I would not leave it to chance. Ask your Hotel to arrange it for you. We were there
late Sept, early Oct.

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  1. No problem buying your Blue Star tickets up to the hour before your departure for Santorni. This is a huge ferry and will not be even close to full.

  2. Book with Hoppa so you don't have to change buses in Fira. Have them drop you off at the Firostefani bus stop. Your hotel is not accessible by car. You will have to walk about 200 meters to your hotel.

  3. Unless you plan to spend your last hours in and around Firostefani I suggest you drop your bags off at the left luggage office on the low road below the Fira bus terminal (Stathmos Leoforion). That way you won't have to walk back up to your hotel when it's time to leave. There's a bus to the airport at 7pm. It takes about 15 minutes. If it's full or there's a time change for October you can take a taxi. The taxi office is next to the bus terminal.

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Suki and Lee,

Thank you both. I had the feeling that the issue would be the transportation from the Santorini port to the hotel. I will definitely arrange that ahead of time and won't worry about buying the ferry tickets in advance. Great tip on the left luggage facility in Fira! Thanks again.