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Naxos to Mykonos/Delos - Ferry and Delos Guide Reservation Needed?

Greetings from Victoria,BC - compliments to the forum, another wonderful resource for all of us that love travel! After completion of RS Greece tour we are flying to Naxos for a week May 16. Should we book a ferry for the Delos/Mykonos day trip? Do we need a private guide for Delos to make most of our experience? If so, any recommendations? Many thanks! ShariB

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For mid May you don't need to book so far in advance especially since trips to Delos can be canceled at the last moment due to rough seas (day tours to Delos from Naxos are not done on ferries but on traditional boats).

In Naxos Town you will find several travel agencies that organize this day trip.

For example Zastours:

The main tour operator for Delos in Mykonos is Delostours.

There are specific times for guided tours in English

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Greetings from Nanaimo.
You are going to love Naxos. Where are you planning to stay?
Some images
Around Naxos town 2022
Back to Naxos 2022

As mentioned there are excursion boats from Naxos to Delos (3 hour stop) then on to Mykonos for a few hours before returning to Naxos. Its a full day tour. Guides are not part of the tour. On our first visit there were licensed guides that took groups around the ruins. Personally I detest tour groups ( just me) my wife went with a guided tour and i wandered the site on my own. I think she got way more understanding of what was there but I had more fun on my own.
There is no need for a tour of Mykonos. Just get off the tour boat and walk around the main town. Its pretty and easy to walk around. Some people like to take the bus or a taxi out to the beaches. After I read a trip report where the writer said he spent his time at a beach watching a nude volleyball tournament my wife decided to walk around the town.

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Day trip to Delos and Mykonos

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Thank you both for the great info! Stan-you are a terrific photographer! I think I was overthinking the excursion-it seems pretty straightforward! We are staying Boutique Hotel Glaros-on the advice of the Forum! And……..hubby will be touring Mykonos with me and taking a pass on nude beach volleyball! LOL.

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Hotel Glaros was the first hotel we stayed at on Naxos in 1996. It has subsequently been re imagined from a tourist class hotel to one of the finest hotels in Naxos. It was named as one of the top 10 boutique hotels in Europe several years ago by the times of London.
The breakfast is gourmet and changes every day.

It is certainly a great choice. Say hello to Alex when you visit.
We have stayed at Boutique Glaros on our last 2 trips to Naxos.
Some images from 2022
More images from our 2019 visit

I forgot thanks for the kind words about my photos.