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Naxos--Plaka or Agios Georgios in mid July

Hi all. Has anyone been to Naxos in July? I have an apartment booked on Plaka Beach, south end near Aronis restaurant, in the middle of July for 4 nights. We are a family of 4, including 2 older teenagers. Assuming this summer is back to high tourist levels, is south Plaka beach quiet at that time of year? I'm concerned it will be too quiet for my kids, and am now considering Agios Georgios, which many on here recommend for non-peak months.
Thank you!

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What does quiet mean to you?

We know the area around Aronis. That end of the beach will not be mobbed and there will be lots of places to do beaching with few people around. You can also walk to many nearby locations with beach chairs and umbrellas which will be pretty packed. There are lots of tavernas along that stretch of beach so dining is not a problem.

St George beach is really is the best option because it is part of Naxos town. It will be very busy as will Naxos town but that is where the action is. Naxos does seem to have a knack of absorbing lots of tourists.
Naxos town

Naxos sunsets

Plaka Beach Naxos

This album essentially shows all the buildings across the road from the beach then corresponding images of the beach.